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    How to increase endurance and Drop an item

    You evolve resistance or increases as status on their teams, or can also be provided through some buff pets (mascots),
    when you reach level 40 you will habilitar the ADVANCED TRAINING, else you will be able to increase its resistance according to their reputation of CIRCLE OF UNION.

    The system DROP ITEMS, is very simple:
    When you drop an item from a boss or sometimes mobs common, ITEN appears on the screen, and two options are they:

    GIVEN PINK: you roll the dice and can drop a number from 0 ~ 100.
    X (xis): Fits cancel, close, giving up the item.

    The figure rose, serves to dispute the item with other players if you want, whoever receives the highest number takes the item.

    The game system is very fair,If you are a priest and drop an item to priest in the group, If you are the only priest in the group, only you will be able to roll the die and the item is automatically yours.

    Sorry English - google translator
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