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    Well folks, I'm posting a build of the executioner .. I do not know if already have some specific here, but this helps a lot.

    Who is Scourge?
    The executioners are killers who love agile arms and dark nights. They are a melee DPS class, has no skills in the area. The main objective of this group is to eliminate the darkness his opponent in less time possible with a greater harm than the opponents.
    This class can be both human and Kindred. The differences between the classes are practically nil considering his build, but there are some that are worth mentioning among them.

    What are the differences between the skills?
    Vampiric Kiss: Suga life of the target in approximately 15% of all your HP. Silence the target for 3.0 seconds. (Kindred)

    Pray: Recovers 25% of your maximum mana instantly. Removes and grants immunity to Stun, Silence, Sleep and Disarm by 4.0 seconds. (Human)

    Racial Buffs
    Blessing of Kindred : Increases mastery 15 in Dark and Fire, besides increasing the maximum hp by 1%.
    Blessing of Humans : Increases all 5 masteries, besides increasing the maximum hp by 1%.

    Has a reasonable damage and is recommended in PvE. It can also be used in PvP, but it is not as effective as other classes.


    In PvE it is good, but it is somewhat dangerous to hold a very large critical and therefore you become the target of mobs site. In PvP it is super useful for the damage that causes your critical. Not to mention that with the talent BullsEye maximized can give stuns and snare on the target by up to 3 seconds.

    Dark. -

    In PvE does not have a great performance, but like any other class which she manages to turn. Not recommend, but if you wanted to make good profit. In PvP this class has a trump card that makes a difference. It will define whether you will live or die. With the Swift Evasion on your evasion is increased by 150 and damage taken is reduced by 17% with a duration of 14 sec.




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