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    PvE survival in a PvP world

    Not all of us get a thrill out of killing other players. We prefer to use our skills to fight the monsters that are destroying FW. I've never said " Hey I think I'll go out and kill innocent people." Unfortunately there are people out there that do just that. I know you have seen them. They stand outside of town all day, waiting for anyone to come outside so they can kill them. They don't care who it is. Children, old ladies, cute fuzzy animals, no one is safe.
    You have been attacked by these "Ruffians". That's why your reading this. Your thinking " What can I do. I just want to kill monsters not my fellow citizens of FW. I'm not a murderer."
    Well there are a few precautions you can take to make it easier to get your quests done.

    "Oh dang. I'm dead again." - There is no guarantee you won't get killed. Someone will go for you sometime anyway. There's always a fool out there that loves killing so much they will try for you no matter what you do. If you are not afraid to die then you will be in control when you do get attacked. You won't freak out. It will hurt your feelings a few times but that goes away. This also takes away the power they think they have over you. If your not afraid of them it takes some of the fun out of it for them.

    "Let's get this party started!" - I'm a loner myself and prefer to hunt alone so this is hard for me. Find other people that are near your level that are hunting in the same area. Now you don't have to be buddies with these people, just polite. Ask in the town near the area where you have your quests. There is usually others wanting to go out but are trapped in town to. If you ride out in a party you are less likely to get attacked. Most of you will make it out safe. There maybe other parties waiting to go out to. If several parties leave together it will insure more of you make it. Also, you may get more experience if your in a party. This is always a good thing.

    "Are you ready yet!" - Make sure you have everything you need before you leave town. Get the right quests. Ask the other party members what quests they have. They may have one you didn't know about. Buy pots and repair your gear. When you get away from town it's to late. Don't be a burden on your party. Don't expect them to share there pots with you. Bring your own. Make sure you have enough.

    "...and were doin' what again?" - Make sure everyone knows where there going. What quest will be done first, second, third. Have a plan. Your in a safe zone and can take the time to do this. When your in the middle of nowhere is the wrong time to plan. While your party is arguing about where to go next is the perfect time to get attacked. Have a plan before you leave town.

    "Follow me!" - Pick someone to be the Leader. Pick someone who can remember what your suppose to be doing. Someone who can implement the plan that was made and keep everyone moving. If you get attacked they will keep the party together and decide if you should fight and when to run. Listen and follow there lead. Even if you don't like who was chosen. Don't pout about it and refuse to do what the leader says. Don't be the one who gets the party killed.

    "Join Today. Get free Cookies!" - Being in a guild helps alot. It doesn't have to be a big guild. Find one that has people on at the same time you are. It may take a week or more to find the right one. You need to find a Guild that's right for you. Ask questions. Let them know what you want from the guild. It's going to be your home. You have to like the people in it. If there ignoring you and never help you leave and keep looking. Your guild is out there.
    Make an announcement in Guild chat that you are getting a party together to do quests. Don't be afraid to speak in guild chat and ask for help. That's what its there for. Use it. When you have a hard time getting out of town because of the Ruffians let your Guild members know. The higher level members might be bored and want to help clear a path for you. The guild can also ban together with other guilds to clear the way if the situation has gotten out of hand. This should be done on a regular basis anyway. The Ruffians start thinking they run the place and need to be reminded they are only tolerated. We let them stand out there.
    I could go on and on about the many uses of a Guild but your smart enough to figure it out.
    Tip - Every Guild has a Guild Idiot. There is always a member that is whining and complaining most of the time. Ignore them. You won't find a guild without one if they have at least 10 members. Just don't let it be you.

    "Dress to Impress" - If you can afford fashion buy some. Your armor might give away your level. I know this isn't an option for everyone and it's not going to protect you all the time. Some Pk'rs look at there targets first. Not many but some. If you have fashion on they will have to take more time to check you out. This is more time to get away. Every second counts.

    "RUN Forest! RUN!" - If you have a mount this is a good time to use it. Get on it BEFORE you leave town. Make sure everyone in the party has a mount. If someone doesn't, see if they can be carried. Everyone leaves together. Follow your leader. Start running and don't stop. Even if you get attacked. Keep going. Use pots for your health if you need to but don't stop. Most of them will stop chasing you soon. There maybe a few that keep following you. Assassins are bad for this. Stay together. RUN! RUN! RUN!

    "I'm a Meercat. I'm a Meercat." - Your party has finally arrived at the perfect hunting spot. So everyone gets to killn' right? Wrong. Take a lesson from the tiny Meercat. They hunt in groups but they always have a look out. That one guy that stands watch for predators. Your not safe out in the open so take precautions. If all the kills count for everyone that has the same quest in the party this works great. This person doesn't kill monsters just keeps watch for PK'rs. They still get there quest done while doing a vital job for the party. Any class can do this job. Your party should have decided who will do this important job while they were making a plan in town. They just need to let everyone know when they see someone in the area. If there is no party quest system then you can take turns as the "look out" so everyone gets there quest done. This is very important. Even when killing a boss you need a look out. There is always some weasel looking for a easy kill. Don't let them sneak up on you.

    "Go Team!" - Work together to get the quest done fast. Go in, kill the monsters and get out. You can look at your drops in town. Head to the next location as soon as the quest is done. Staying in one place to long makes you a target. Some one will see your party and send for help to attack you. Don't make it easy for them.

    "Wana be my friend?" - If your party worked well together why not do it again sometime? Send them friend requests. If they didn't have the same wonderful experience you did they will turn your request down. Don't take this personally. Your networking. Having a large friends list makes it easier to get your quests done. It's a useful tool.

    "No Carebears Allowed!" - There are no Carebears here. We are Mob Killers. We hunt the dangerous, nasty creatures. That's what we do. There is no instance we wont try. No boss we won't fight. We get a thrill when we face a new boss we never fought before. Will this be the one that takes me out? Oh I hope he's nasty. We are the ones THEY call on when they need a boss killed. We are the healers, tanks and DD's that get the job done. We are not afraid to go anywhere.

    Dead Etiquette
    Sometimes all your careful planning just doesn't work. They kill you anyway. But even when dead there is a proper way to act. We must never allow ourselves to sink to the debased level of those that kill us for sport.
    Never talk back to your killer. Don't speak to them at all. They may call you names but don't take the bait. They are not worth your time. Calling them names just gets them more excited. Don't play with them.
    If you have to say something try "Thank you. Have a nice day." There's not much they can say back to that. Adding a smilie face at the end is always a good touch.
    Don't stay around to hear there sick talk. Return to town right away. Don't lay there.
    Don't whine about getting killed. It happens. If it becomes a problem then get help from your guild or other players trying to leave town.
    Tell your guild if you are getting killed alot when you try to leave town or if someone is hunting you repeatedly. Don't get emotional about it. Just state the facts. Tell them the name of the person who killed you and where you were. If the're was more than one person attacking you let the guild know that to. Sending a guild member to get ganked is a bad thing. Don't exaggerate the attack but don't leave out important details either.
    Don't take it personally. They don't know who you are. You don't know them. They want to upset you. So don't get upset. It takes the fun out of it for them.

    Final Thoughts
    I know this seems like alot but the killers waiting outside the city have taken the time to prepare to kill you. They have thought it through and trained hard. (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here) We shouldn't make it easy for them.

    I hope this little guide has been helpful. Maybe as you were reading it you have thought of some other things that you can do. If you have other ideas that can help your fellow "Mob Killers" please post them so we can all use them.

    Remember. There are more of US then there are of them. They have a right to PK just as you have a right not to.

    by Snapdragn
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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