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    How to earn gold in Forsaken World

    In online games, making money is crucial for your character development. Here are some of the best ways to make gold in Forsaken World. This is for players who have enough time online, not focusing on leveling fast and trying to spend less real money on the game.

    1 Crafting: In Forsaken World every 24 hours online will give you 12*24=268 energy points or vigor points. So you can get 6~7 groups of items by crafting. In the game the price for each groups of items is around 3 Gold, which, in turn, yields 18~21 Gold per day through crafting.

    Rating ★

    2 Catching Pets: Drop 3 visits to the pet instance every day in Forsaken World. You will gain a small fortune with a blue pet, while green pets are worth 2 Gold. With three visits you will catch at least 5~6 green ones. Moreover, you can go to the field to catch talent pet, in the game you could catch 130~150 talent pets every day, with the price of 20 Silver each, gives you a stable income of 35~40 Gold per day. Depending on your luck, you may also catch blue ones.

    Rating ★★

    3 Farming: Mainly by farming Moon Stone in Forsaken World, with conservative estimate, you can get at least 12 Moon Stones per hour, 200 per day. As everyone knows, the way to farm in the game is to kill elite mobs and then switch realm. Other loots from elite mobs and collectable items around are bonuses. In Forsaken World now Moon Stones worth 20~25 Sliver each, which gives you 40~50 Gold per day by selling them alone. I remember there was a guy, who earned 70 Gold a day during closed beta game testing; the price of Moon Stone was only 15 Sliver at that time.

    Rating ★★★

    4 Instance: This way depends on your luck. Begin with “The lost pharos” instance; ensure 5 visits to there per day. Each visit will give you around 7 blue loots, so 5 visits will give you 35 blue loots. Each blue item worth around 3 Gold, then 35 items yields 110~120 Gold. Each player can get around 20 Gold. If it’s “Mars”, each blue loot worth at least 5 Gold, since those loots can be used with disenchant and recharge, so at 5 visits per day, each player can get around 40 Gold. If you are lucky enough you can get a purple item, and that means a lot of money. If you have a regular team then this way cost fewer time and only have little impact to leveling.

    Rating ★★★★

    5 World BOSS: This is the most recommended method. This is for players who invest a little in the early stage of the game, love PVP, familiar with respawn intervals of bosses. Plus in early stage of the game death doesn’t cost much. Bosses with 24 hour respawn interval will have purple loots; other bosses have a chance to drop purple loots, high-end items and soul crystal. Purple items have high value and people exchange them with crystals, some purchase best quality purples with real money. World bosses have a high chance to drop Destroy set and soul crystal, which worth more than 50 gold each. I once got 11 soul crystal per day by farming the fat boss, each of our raid member got more than 100 gold.
    Rating ★★★★★
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