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Thread: Tomb of Glory

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    Tomb of Glory

    Tomb of Glory Guide

    Lv. 30 Instance
    Takes 20 minutes

    Healers and Tanks not needed, Soul Force skills can be used
    Bring your own pots
    Make sure to save some Soul Force skills for the last 2 waves of mobs before the last boss.

    Once you enter the instance, make sure everyone is buffed up, run down the hall into the room, then gather in the middle of the room.

    Wave 1 of mobs, clear them. only 1 person use soul force.
    After the mobs are cleared you will encounter the first boss.

    Wave 2 of mobs will come, at this point you can split into 2 groups of 3, one to the right and the other to the left. After they are cleared the 2nd boss will come.

    Upon defeating the boss, Wave 3 of mobs will come charging in. At this point we had time to spare since we defeated the mobs pretty quickly.

    Wave 4 mobs will come at your party from 3 sides, this is where you'll want to have 2 people use soul force and make sure at least 3 people have soul force for Wave 5.


    Wave 5 you will be hit from all 4 sides, this is where you can use up all of your soul force skills.
    Then you will run into the last boss.

    by GIJOE
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