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    Forsaken World Merchants Buy and Sell list

    For making your own trade routes, here's a list of what all the merchants buy and sell:

    Kalaires Plain
    • Freedom Harbor
      • Buying: Wheat Straw
      • Selling: Wheat Bread*, Linen paper*, Cotton Cloth
    • Valley
      • Buying: Wheat bread,
      • Selling: Salted Octopus*, Cloak*
    • Ironclaw
      • Buying: Woodcraft, Cloak, Fine Salt, Linen Paper
      • Selling: Agaric Mushroom*, Wax Brick
    • Heights
      • Buying: Agaric Mushroom, Salted Octopus, Poleaxe
      • Selling: Bear Liver*, Hunting Wood, Red Speckle Oak
    • Windcry
      • Buying: Bear Liver, Surimi, Almond
      • Selling: Wheat Straw*, Creme*, Green Rum

    Sea of Oblivion
    • Oasis
      • Buying: Puzzle Copper, Gator Scale Armor, Stone Statue
      • Selling: Cyperus Esculentus*, Flint*, Scorpion Venom Gum
    • Rubble
      • Buying: Grilled Dry Fish, Glass Container
      • Selling: Greed Reed*, Attar Paste*, Cold Flame Dew
    • Land of Rest
      • Buying: Attar Paste, Water Agate, Amianthus Cloth
      • Selling: Crystal Chip*, Puzzle Copper
    • River
      • Buying: Chromatic Canvas, Cold Flame Dew, Wax Brick
      • Selling: Coconut Cake*, Mastic*, Gator Scale Amor
    • Towerpush
      • Buying: Red Sparkle Oak, Wax Brick , Snowflake Stoneware
      • Selling: Towerpush Town Fishes*, No Potion*, Amianthus Cloth

    Hazed wilderness
    • Damnation
      • Buying:Flint,Scorpion Venom gum, Metal Platearmor
      • Selling: Figuline, Pea(100), Pine(100)
    • Afaesia
      • Buying:Iron Machete, Silverware, Sharpedge Shortblade

    Lunagrant Woodlands
    • Bramble
      • Buying:Mint Leaf, Meditation Spring, Water Yarm
      • Selling:Butter, Woolen Fabric(100)
    • Great Trees
      • Buying:Ice Spirit, Pine, Papyrus
      • Selling: Corolla, Wood Alcohol, Poleaxe(100), Almond(100)
    • Archipelago
      • Buying:Butter,Woad,Olive Oil
      • Selling:Fish Sauce, Dry Cheese(100)
    • Love
      • Buying:Oak Moss, Pea, Sharpedge Shortblade
      • Selling: Meditation Spring, Violet Fungus, Watery Yam(100)
    • Scavenger's
      • Buying:Olive Oil, Woolen Fabric, Beehoney
      • Selling: Smoked Venison, Dried Fruit, Black Truffle(100)

    Gloomy Forest
    • Fairies
      • Buying:Coral, Black Truffle, Lambskin Pain
      • Selling: Tomato Ketchup, Wine(100)
    • Windless
      • Buying:Wine, Olive, Silver Ore
      • Selling: Preserved Fruit, Lambskin, Silverware(100)
    • Beholder's
      • Buying: Smoked Venison, Dry cheese, Olive
      • Selling: Alumite, Limestone, Silver Ore(100)

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