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    Forsaken World Quest - Running With Lola

    If you haven’t found out yet Lola is an elf located at [5648,128] or go under [Today] by pressing [u] go into daily look for Run Girl Run and click Galantor’s Name in Freedom Harbor. If She isn’t there she is currently on a run and you will have to wait for a short till she finishes her current race. Once she pops back into location talk to Galantor Manny and agree to race Lola.

    After 30 seconds the race will begin.
    Note: if you are not within site of Lola at the beginning of the race you will automatically fail, so stay close.

    After accepting the quest you Forsaken World will be granted a skill “Inspire.” You will be using this skill when you see the fatigued debuff affect your character. Start chasing Lola and make sure to stay within her eye sight which is indicated by status effect box. If you are outside of her vision for a certain period of time FW will inform you via game status message that you have failed in large red text in the chat window.

    Lola has four paths which she follows which break off and three certain points. She will stop for a short moment of time and make a decision if she paths right you will be headed up the high wall of Freedom Harbor which surrounds Alameda Park which if you following this guide is very good thing.

    Follow Lola to the end when the quest updates you will need to jump the wall and run back down to Galantor before someone else activates Lola. You have the thirty seconds to reach Galantor and restart the quest or else you will lose out on winning a race and will have to wait for Lola to pop back up.

    In order to jump over the wall go into first person mode and tilt the camera all the way up while holding the space bar to jump over. Most people have difficulty due to not knowing how to get over the wall and are forced to run back down the race path “So Now You Know.”

    Lola paths also to the church and to the back of Libra Bazaar along the high wall. If you are lucky and have a mount you should be able to make it back in time to start the next race.

    After successfully keeping up with Lola , Forsaken World will give your character a gift depending on your level.
    • Levels 1-39 receive 3x Dim Star Debris (15 total)
    • Level 40 and above receive 1x Recharging Star Shard (5 total)

    with respect to author GC

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    when i run faster lola and reach the goal first im still lose.......

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