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    Forsaken World Fast leveling 1-30 in 4 days

    First of all this will take less than 4 days with 2-4 play hours a day so you don’t have to be addictive .
    Begin 2-3 hours before god’s trial.

    I suggest to begin at nightmare carnival day because the exp and money.

    First day:
    • Lv1-10: this take less than 30 minutes just follow the primary quests to lv 9.
    • Lv9-15: welcome to freedom harbor, do the beginning quests until you arrive at your skill tutor.
      (At this point it’s very important to get all 3 jobs: alchemy, cooking and botany.)
      Before continuing your quests do freedom harbor quest 10 times and world luck quest at henry
      Then you should get lv 15-16.
    • Lv15-20: do nightmare carnival if you can, if not continue doing primary quests to get lv 20and go to oblivion sea.
      (When you do quests collect some lavender and wild rose and make potions to get lv 2 alchemy
      And do some food to get lv 2 cooking)

    Second day:
    Begin 1-2 hours before god’s trial.
    • Lv20-25: continue quests at Oblivion Sea until you get a quest called - necessary strength- and stop.
      You should have a god’s trial turn from last day so do it 2 times + freedom harbor + world luck quest, you should be lv25-27.
      (You must do gods trial using lionheart scrolls and I suggest getting into a guild for help)
    • Lv25-30: now continue doing quests until you get a quest called -what still coming- then stop.

    Third day
    • Lv25-30: do gods trial + freedom harbor + world luck quest again until you get lv 30.

    by atlaxo

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    Hi Grooguz, what server it is ?
    Some said in Inter server got bigger exp quest from SEA, we can get 28+ in 3 hours...
    Just asking because here (Indonesia) will go CBT in Jan/Feb 2012...

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