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    Forsaken World Weekly Events - Secret discovery

    Out of all of forsaken worlds events, secret discovery tends to be the easiest since it is fairly short gives great experience and can be completed alone without a party.

    This quest becomes available at 7:30 pm server time. Forsaken World will inform the server about Secret Discovery at 7:25 pm. Players will need to pick up the quest inside the Dawning Hope Library from Sarama Santau in Freedom Harbor who remarkably resembles Rio.

    Sarama will give you a Monster Manual, opening and accepting the quest will start the thirty minute timer. The quest requires you to acquire a Radiant Relic , but doesn’t inform the player doing secret discovery what to do other than kill monsters in the .

    So it is more ideal to look for the monster then accept the quest right after acquiring the book. This requires you to not be in a group and solo kill the designated monster until it drops a magical ring. DON’T TELEPORT AFTER ACQUIRING THE RING.

    The magic ring, in order to activate needs to be used after stabbing yourself with the Sword of Blood Curse. This happens to be the sword located in bottom of the waterfall in Kalaires Plains located in the Forsaken World map here.

    (There is a small shell next to the sword called a [Wonderful Shell] this shell will safely teleport back to the top of the waterfall without having to commit suicide)

    So grab the Sword of Blood Curse, right click it in your inventory. Your health points are going to take a hit so either have a bit of life or be quick to do this . Activate the ring and you will acquire the stone you need to turn in the quest to Sarama. The quest will not update that you acquired the Radiance Remnant but this is the object needed to be turned in. Talking to Sarama he will have a pop up box which you place the Radiance Remnant in and it will transmute. This will complete the quest and you will have gotten a load of experience in less than thirty minutes.
    by GC

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