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    Forsaken World How to get Purple Epic Items

    Purple Items are the Holly Graal of any player in this game, and that's mainly because there are only a few ways to get them.

    Why they are Purple?
    • Grey gear is trash
    • White is okay gear, but still kinda crap
    • Green is improved
    • Blue is elite
    • Purple is epic
    • Orange/yellow is legendary

    Press "t" ingame and click "improved" in vote quality on the thing that just opened. There you will see the colors of gears and what they are basically.

    Here are some basic guidlines:
    For weapons you have to kill the boss of various instances:
    • Level 30 : Defeat the final boss of Valley of the Kings
    • Level 40 : Defeat the final boss of Lost Lighthouse
    • Level 50 : Defeat the final boss of Sky Fortress
    • Level 60 : Defeat the final boss of Ancestral Tomb Outskirt
    • Level 65 : Defeat the final boss of Ancestral Tomb
    • Level 70 : Chance to drop from final boss of Ancestral Tomb (not confirmed)

    I even managed to find a percentage of 5% drop rate so you do the math how many instances you have to play to get lucky

    For armors you have to defeat World Bosses

    Level 26 world boss name:IronTooth King

    Level 33 world boss name: Khonem Attendantl

    Level 36 world boss name: Demon Marshal

    This is what I know so far, I also know there's a boss scorpion which i didn't find yet.

    Here are some armor set previews with the designated purple weapon. Enjoy

    1. Priest

    2. Mage

    3. Marksman

    4. Assasin

    5. Vampire

    6. Bard

    7. Protector

    8. Warrior

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