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    Forsaken World Identify Items with Scroll of Sages

    This is an often question among new players. How to identify my items ?

    There are 3 ways to do that:

    1. Every 50 minutes you can pray and chances are that you may get an item along with the blessing from the gods and the xp. Every once in a while you'll get the identification scrolls (i only got it 3 times and I prayed a lot so far)

    2. Some quests will grant you this scrolls as rewards but these kind of quests are pretty rare.

    3. The best way to get them is to follow the daily events (you can press the "U" key). The even that will grant you the scrolls is called Fishing contest. Here are a few tips on how to do this event:
    • clear up some room in your bag (I usually go with 12 free spots) - i know it's hard to manage but it will save you some time - but keep in mind you have to have at least 2 free spots
    • go to the NPC and get the quest - he will also give you a fishing rod
    • summon your pet and put it on defend
    • go near the water and right click the rod and you'll start fishing.
    • when you got a fish you can exchange it to the NPC where you got the quest for fishing medals
    • some fishes grant you more medals , others just one.
    • you may also get wood or some grass that you can destroy, because it's worthless and it take's space in your inventory.
    • from time to time you'll fish some crabs that will attack you (that's why you have to have the pet on defend)
    • every hop (10/30/60/90/120 medals) you'll get an identification scroll

    And to answer a general question: NO, there are no NPCs that will identify your items, and NO i couldn't find so far where to buy these scrolls.

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