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    Forsaken Word God’s Pet (Special Quest)

    This quest starts at Pyrowrath village in the sea of oblivion of forsaken world at 36 with Keon Brownbeard.

    Keon is going to ask you to bring two night swordfish in a jar of water. You can obtain these with level 3 fishing by fishing in the Immaculate Oasis. Once you have the fish your will need to port over to Rubble Camp.

    Note: if you don’t run fast enough to obiazulu you lose the fish and will have to get another three night swordfish.

    Get water with the jar at rubble camp and quickly auto route to find the correct location of Obiazulu. He will then require you to get purple shards. These shards are from the ogres and drakes right next to him. Be sure to do this immediately cause you will need to restart with the three fish again if you fail. For non-fishermen this is big hassle you have two minutes to complete it and get back to him.

    After returning to Obiazulu , he is gonna force you to wait. Yes who knew a game had humor to make a player wait out and do nothing…I loathe you sometimes Forsaken World v_v…

    With the damn dwarf done contemplating he needs you to go find Bob Guut, Bob can be found at a random spawn at any of these three locations [ Immaculate Oasis, Pond of Tears, or near the waterfront area of the Water Observatory.]

    After finding Bob , he requires you to obtain underworld fish for him. This requires Charon’s Rod.

    Their have been issues with this quest for a while. The normal way to obtain the rod is to one find Mathieu near the sphinx entrance close to Towerpush Town. Use a level 3 socialite skill either Threaten or Persuade on him then start to talk to him and he will give a new quest option to obtain the rod.

    If you haven’t reached level 3 socialite it has been rumored you can group with someone and have them use their skill while being partied, some people have had success while others haven’t either targeting the player or targeting Mathieu has yet to determined but has been believed to work.

    After obtaining the Rod fish right next to Bob Guut that way the underworld fish wont die out, they cannot last in the normal realm very long. After handing in the quest you will have to port back and talk to Obiazulu Ironhammer once again. He will then ask you to obtain Khuum Badges , these are from Khonems Guards back near Pyrowrath and City of Oblivion. Kill until you have 10 and back to Obiazulu once again.

    Final Step of the God’s Pet questline is to kill you guessed it. The God’s pet. Apparently the pet is a nightmare in the middle of the pyramid and with the shiny purple orb that Obiazulu Ironhammer decides to give you. It can activate the pedestal near the simmering lava pit.

    The pyramid in Sea of Oblivion can be a pain so here is the entrance location you will need to take.

    Go through to the center room and be sure to bring a friend or two. Once this boss spawns it will despawn within a certain amount of time. It isn’t difficult it just has a lot of Health Points.

    If you do fail you have one more chance go back to Obiazulu and recharge the stone. This is your last shot cause he will only recharge it once. So make it count.

    After killing the nightmare pet return to the damn dwarf and he will explain how it will be horrible if he actually went through his plan and you went through all that for nothing.

    Even though that being the case you earn a very large sum of experience and soul gold.

    by GC

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