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    Forsaken World Quiz questions and full answers

    This is a Daily Quest, obtainable once character reaches level 3 Socialite. Basic premise of the quest is answering Questions regarding 80 Books (1 question per book) you can gather through Study quests.

    You can complete this quest up to 3 times a day. Wrong answer (failure) results in 5 minutes wait before you can take the quest up again. Correct answer grants 30 Socialite Exp for each question, totaling up to 90 Socialite Exp for whole daily course. You also receive a small amount of experience along side this depending on your level.

    • Revenge:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «To avenge his sister»
    • Into the Darkness:
      Question: «What Creature is the treasure hunter after?»
      Answer: «Shadow Dragon»
    • Portal:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Because he was in a crazy cult»
    • Ghoul:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Human Mage»
    • In the Darkness:
      Question: «What kind of song is described?»
      Answer: «Lost and Damned»
    • Wordplay:
      Question: «what was the lawyer like?”
      Answer: «a gassy person»
    • Good and Evil:
      Question: «What Witchcraft did the leading character get?”
      Answer: «Detect Evil»
    • Ocean:
      Question: «Which kind of person think is as fickle as an ocean?”
      Answer: «Women“
    • Birth:
      Question: «What is the little boys title after he grew up»
      Answer: «Eloquent Negotiator“
    • Ferryman:
      Question: «Which of the three boatmen , did not die?”
      Answer: «The Third Boatman»

    • Frog:
      Question: «What does the main character become?»
      Answer: «A frog»
    • Wrist Blade:
      Question: «Who kills the hero?»
      Answer: «The robber»
    • Mob:
      Question: «Who are the three mobs?»
      Answer: «Growth ,Time ,and Death»
    • Deception:
      Question: «What did the hero do before»
      Answer: «a thief»
    • Foul Books:
      Question: «What type of magic does the book have»
      Answer: «The holder can cast magic as he like»
    • A Day:
      Question: «In Anecdote 6: A Day, although the dramatic character is a Werewolf, what does he do?»
      Answer: «Farmer»
    • Mirror:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Tell people who is the most beautiful woman in the world.»
    • Path of Glory:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Knight»
    • Deal:
      Question: «What dose the dramatis personae betray?»
      Answer: «To become an ethereal being»
    • Dream:
      Question: «In Anecdote 10: Dream, what dose this story illustrate for?»
      Answer: «Day dream can not come true»

    Quiet Sea
    • Seasons:
      Question: «Whats the main theme of the story»
      Answer: «A tale of Love»
    • Oath:
      Question: «Tell me, in Quiet Sea 2: Promise, does the man who left his home go back to his hometown in the end?»
      Answer: «No, he doesn’t.»
    • Hitman:
      Question: «Who does the Assassin kill by accident?»
      Answer: «His Lover»
    • Butterfly:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «…“not love not mercy
    • Tombstone:
      Question: «What kind of flower is next to the tombstone?»
      Answer: «Paradise Singer»
    • Weeping:
      Question: «Where does the Duke find the weeping plants?»
      Answer: «The wettest darkest place he could find»
    • Charisma:
      Question: «What is the woman’s motives»
      Answer: «She’s motivated by love»
    • Bird:
      Question: «What were the two species of birds?»
      Answer: «berghaans and Phoenix»
    • Tangle:
      Question: «What did you learn?»
      Answer: «Consider all things without prejudice»
    • Socialism:
      Question: «What Did you learn about people?»
      Answer: «People hate compromise»

    • Seek:
      Question: «What race is the main character?»
      Answer: «Fishkin»
    • Love:
      Question: «What does the story tell us about?»
      Answer: «Old man and his former lover»
    • Discussion:
      Question: «Can love be found or not?»
      Answer: «Love can not be found,because it depends on luck»
    • Time:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «…“The Past Can Guide me»
    • People:
      Question: «About humans»
      Answer: «We will destroy ourselves»
    • Soul Lost:
      Question: «Who is the main character»
      Answer: «A concubine»
    • The Past:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «A mummy»
    • Fish:
      Question: «How does the fish die?»
      Answer: «He was killed by the city guards at the gate»
    • Weapon:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «…»
    • Blank Paper:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «To be left blank and untouched»

    Night Tale
    • Black Cat:
      Question: «What is Black Cat really?»
      Answer: «A soldier»
    • Flesh:
      Question: «What type of meat does Charlie’s tavern serve?»
      Answer: «Human Flesh»
    • Keep Secret:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «only the dead keep secrets»
    • Assassination:
      Question: «What does this tell us»
      Answer: «Arrogant people will be killed by carelessness»
    • Devil:
      Question: «What is the name of the leading character»
      Answer: «Wint»
    • Breed:
      Question: «What does Mr. Ayr give up everything for?»
      Answer: «Eternal Life»
    • Bloody Wealth:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «A Naga»
    • Happiness:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Ignorance»
    • Emir:
      Question: «What do you learn?»
      Answer: «You may pay a high price for changing your habits»
    • Death:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «I wished for living in dream. Now the dream is my lonely wine»

    Song of Daylight
    • Beginning:
      Question: «What item does the adventurer obtain at the end»
      Answer: «A love letter»
    • Teeth:
      Question: «Who ends up being the murderer?»
      Answer: «The main character»
    • Cherish:
      Question: «Who is the story about?»
      Answer: «Nicolas»
    • Rabbit:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «A Large Wolf»
    • Day and Night:
      Question: « What faction does the narrator belong to?»
      Answer: «Storm Legion»
    • Mortal:
      Question: «what does the narrator explain about mortals?»
      Answer: «Hind sight is always 20/20»
    • Glory:
      Question: «For what purpose do the soldiers sacrifice themselves»
      Answer: «To Protect the Nobility»
    • A Letter:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Pan»
    • Revival:
      Question: «What is the Necromancers Name?»
      Answer: «Marquis of Voidcairn»
    • Blindness::
      Question: «Does the narrator join the Brother of Blindness»
      Answer: «Yes he does»

    • Thief:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Light Protecting Clothes and easy hiding weapon»
    • Risk:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Mole,Jackal»
    • Quest:
      Question: «Does the Hero finish his task»
      Answer: «No»
    • Prophet:
      Question: «Who talks with the prophet,does he realize his death?»
      Answer: «Skylark , he realizes»
    • Mummy:
      Question: «why did the mummy die, in the gate of the villlage?»
      Answer: «Dead for protecting village, and his loved women»
    • Treasure:
      Question: «What is the dramatis personae wish?»
      Answer: «Deadless»
    • Flea:
      Question: «What is the flea’s name?»
      Answer: «Aschir»
    • Remember Her:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Killed Anna and gave the corpse to John»
    • Sin:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «…“They joined to avoid being killed.
    • Adventure Log:
      Question: «Did The adventurer save the Grave Robber?»
      Answer: «No He Didn’t»

    • Mask:
      Question: «What do they use to open the chest»
      Answer: «The blood of their companions»
    • Quotes:
      Question: «which of these concepts are quotes about»
      Answer: «Earthly treasures are easier to come by than those of the heart»
    • Last One:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «The Bard»
    • Key Weapon:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «Human mind»
    • Treasure Map:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «You can’t rely on a treasure map»
    • Prisoner:
      Question: «…»
      Answer: «YES»
    • Last Opportunity:
      Question: «what kind of necklace did Karrey own?»
      Answer: «One that allows the wearer to transforms into a roach»
    • Belief:
      Question: «What do the people of the alternate dimension worship»
      Answer: «A stone statue»
    • History:
      Question: «Did the story of the king go unchanged through the ages?»
      Answer: «Yes»
    • Unable:
      Question: «In Whisper 10: Impossible, what is the God of Creation unable to do?»
      Answer: «Get humans to stop fighting each other»

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    Great guide!

    This is an awesome guide! However, answer # 10 for night tales:death, did not match what you have listed here. Plus, I have been given some questions by Niachilo that are not listed here. Keep up the good work, would like to see more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katyaa View Post
    This is an awesome guide!
    Thanks, you are welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by Katyaa View Post
    Plus, I have been given some questions by Niachilo that are not listed here.
    it will be nice, if you can add something to guide

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    Quiet Sea / Dark Sea

    I am noticing some major errors in this area not to mention the title of the book...perhaps things have changed. Not sure but looking for a good and accurate knowledge quest list. This one is right most of the time...

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    Cool Anyone want to try this Forsaken World Knowledge Quiz Helper I wrote?

    Hi all

    First post hope it is of use to someone
    Anyone want to try this Forsaken World Knowledge Quiz Helper I wrote?


    I'll post the link in next post.. it's been virus scanned by mediafire

    ---------- Post added at 07:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:30 PM ----------

    Hi all

    Here's the link

    Hope it's ok I posted the link.. it's been virus scanned by Mediafire


    Lol above link is being blocked at the moment because of the way this forum anomalizes the urls so I have put here as well http://www.laptop-stuph.pwp.blueyond...ages/FWKQH.exe download maybe slow though..
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    I like what you did to help but there is some new changes to the Forsaken World Quiz questions and full answer to them so i will help you out with the changes for the new ver of forsaken world Nightfall i have copy the list you made and i am editing them to fit the new ones to help those that don't get it.

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