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    Forsaken World Rebel Priest

    Rebel Human:

    Rebel Elf:

    1. While the timer is counting down cast LoH.
    2. Cast Strike of Punishment and make sure they have conviction mark.
    3. If they did get conviction mark, cast Light Punishment, if not then Divine Strike.
    4. Heal if you need to.(Make sure to use LoH)
    5. Cast Frost Concentration and use Blessing of Gale to collect orbs.
    6. Repeat Step 2.
    7. Repeat Step 3.
    8. If their HP is about 25% then keep using attack skills.

    If not and they have red hand then:
    1. Cast Light of Sanctuary to get 60% speed and a "Rocky Protection" and collect orbs while its still on.
    2. Cast Strike of Punishment.
    3. Cast Divine Strike.

    If they are still not dead then heal and use a Frost Concentration.

    Remember to use your racial skill, if Human cast racial if slept or stunned, if Elf cast racial when the enemy tries to run and collect orbs.

    This is PvP in general, will post how to pvp each class if I get the time.

    Recommended gears: Critical Rate, Light mastery, Light attack, or Attack with Evasion.
    by pewpeww

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