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Thread: Tenebra Mines

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    Tenebra Mines

    Hello everyone! A new dungeon has finally come out in Forsaken World!
    Tenebra Mines!!!

    This instance is a three boss instance, requirements are being lvl75+ and having 3 or more players in party

    Personal recommendation lv77+ and having two healers!

    Light bard and Divine priest is in my opinion the best combination You get in combat rez/party heals from light bard and individual heals/party heals from priest.

    Once you enter the instance you'll have a chance to look around at the new area and buff, kill the mini mobs on the way to boss, once there you will see a circle with smaller circles in it, they will sput fire once the boss is attacked, steer clear! That fire hits for 10k HP a pop!

    The first boss's name is Singh and this huge marksmen looking fella hurts! Not for the reasons you would think though!

    His main debuff/annoyance is his Reflect so make sure to keep your DPS healed!

    Whoever aggros him must keep him in the fire until his reflect hits 4-5, during him getting cooked Do not Attack! you won't do much damage to him, once he's all nice n toasty, tank pulls him out and party can attack, make sure to watch your attacks! Your healers won't be able to heal you if you one shot yourself! Once the reflect falls, back into the fire he goes until his debuff reaches 4-5 again and then you can take him out of fire and attack. It is a long and somewhat annoying process but necessary if you don't want party members dying left and right. Might take some getting use to, best to be on something like Vent/TS so party members don't hit unnecessarily, all in all Keep in Communication it's important.

    Once your done with him you'll have to face poison gas! However don't fear! One of the party members will be able to turn into Ironman! Pun sort of intended :P

    With this suit, the player gains 300k HP along with a Heal and a Poison cloud disperser, all other skills will become unavailable so make a wise choice! Recommended: Choose the player with least Attack and most definately not one of the healers!

    Once you're already to face the musi... I mean gas, Ironman will go ahead into the gas and begin dispersing it, stay close behind! The gas respawns and boy does it hurt! You won't have much of a chance to move once it hits you and the poison lags so don't get too comfy quite yet. Poison Gas: Damage 10k - disregards Priest Bubble and any other positive buffs/blessings.

    Once the party has passed the gas, you're facing the next boss!

    Tainted Swamp Mother might be attractive to some and horrendous to others (Personally I think she's pretty cool looking)

    Recommended: Party check, a red forcefield will appear at the end of the bridge and lock players out for the incoming battle!

    Once you're all in the Ironman has the choice to keep their suit on until it deteroriates or take it right off.

    Note: Ironman suit negates being mutated and is NOT affected by the gas Swamp Mother spews, if party chooses to keep Ironman, gas takes longer to get rid of than the previous walk through, Disperser will have to be used 2-3 times or even more to get rid of gas.

    If Ironman suit is kept on its more of a chance one of the healers will be mutated as well.

    Now you're probably wondering what I mean by mutated, well after Swamp Mother attacks for some time she will look at one of the players and mutate them into a giant tree (Like the Treants in Wades)

    Once the player is mutated all normal skills will black out and you will have three new skills.

    One of them is a Basic Attack, the second one is Error Desc for now (Go FW with all your glitches XD <3) and the third is used to unmutate.

    The trick to unmutating (because when the debuff goes off it WILL one shot you) is to have your health at 45% or less then you use the unmutate skill (3rd skill in new skill bar).

    Once this part starts with the mutating, NO AOE HEALS~ As crazy as this sounds, if you want to keep aoeing healing, you'll have to let whoever mutated die and hopefully its not the light bard! To get out of combat at this boss and no one else die is quite the hassle.

    Several options to get to 45% HP or less
    • Armor disable, go to C/Character Screen and click on your armor that contains HP it should gray out and you'll lose that HP.
    • Have the boss hit you
    • Share your poison with two party members ~ This one is tricky and does not always work. You hit the second skill with error desc on it on TWO DIFFERENT players, preferrably NOT the healers or tank. Then try to unmutate.

    Now while you're figuring out the unmutate part and if you want/can AOE heal or not, you need to also watch out for the poison gases she spawns! Move out of it quick, hopefully no one in party is lagging or people will drop like flies because just like the outer poison this ticks at 10k per second! You will die quickly if you stay in it! So be ready to move!

    Apart from keeping everyone alive while they are being mutated and such, there is no other tricks to her, just attack until she is dead.

    Now this name sounds silly to even me, but the third boss is called Tata Greyeye! And while his name might be funny this is another long and patient requiring boss. Nothing funny about that.

    For him there will be random little bombs spawned around the room. One player should be in charge of picking them up then throwing them at him. Find them, open them, have him targeted and click it from your bag. This is the main source of damage towards him.

    The annoying part about this guy, not much damage seems to affect him! >-< You'll have to keep a steady DPS on him and continue to keep everyone alive. He also spawns little minions that are VERY hard to hit! Mages should take care of these with as many AOEs as possible and hope they don't miss! Most of the time unfortunately they will :/

    In this room there is also two gas tanks, Frenzy gas lets out a DOT like AoE that is best used when mobs are out, it does not miss as much on them so it will get rid of them quick. The other is called Soothing gas this is an AoE heal, mostly don't use that one if you have uber heals but hey you never know! Note: Careful using the gases because they have a lo~ng CD time and WILL NOT overlap, you cannot use both at the same time, meaning if you have Frenzy on and put Soothing, the heals will take charge and Frenzy will have been wasted and vice/versa.

    You can earn Ancient Gear and Transmutatuon scrolls from this instance so go in and start farming!

    Until next time lovely people! Good luck!

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