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    Forsaken World OrangeBot

    Hello community,

    check out the new Forsaken World Bot - the best one out there at the moment.

    It offers:

    • Hunting monsters
    • Auto healing using potions
    • Buffing
    • Filtering loot
    • Select skills by name
    • Multiclient
    • No hotkeys - you can chat while botting

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    Generally we don't allow promoting proprietary soft like this. Can you explain why I should allow it?

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    The GUI and layout of the Orangebot for Forsaken World seems to be lacking compared to your other two models you offer for sale. For instance the Jade and Tales bot fully have customizable settings and can attack a full range of monsters while the Forsaken world bot you have to point at monster than pull up bot than click and so on.

    On another note the fw.exe file for the orangebot is not fully protected since it seems you can open parts of it with Borg Dissasembler and Boomerang Decompiler.

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