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    Thumbs up [Tooll] SomaVision 3 SPL Viewer and Editor for Myth of Soma

    SomaVision is a program to display the SPL files that Soma uses as in-game sprites and animations. I wrote this program because I thought that the amount of hassle involved in setting up a server just to test SPL files was too much to bother so I built a program to make it easy.

    With SomaVision 3 I have made the following improvements:
    Can now edit files; no need to convert to bitmaps and painfully edit individual frames one by one
    Can alter individual RGB colour components of the file
    Can perform colour reshading operations (e.g. switch blue with green to turn a blue Drazil into a green Drazil)
    Can layer multiple colour operations together to create unique reshades
    No requirement for DirectX to be installed
    Can undo/redo edit operations
    Can apply changes made to one SPL to a group of other SPLs to greatly ease the task of uniformly editing multiple files, as is needed when editing monsters, weapons and armours - select File->Apply to Batch and then select the files to be similarly edited (note: this cannot be undone)
    File association with Soma graphics files - right-click a file to open in SomaVision and select "Open with..." and choose Browse to select the SomaVision.exe file wherever you have placed it, and ensure the checkbox labelled 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' is checked
    Colour-inversion operation
    Optional frame animation - check or uncheck the 'Animate' checkbox
    Optional transparent-pink background - check or uncheck the 'Use transparency' checkbox
    Browse a folder of Soma graphics - use the "<<" and ">>" buttons to move between files in the same directory
    New improved C# code-base

    The program cannot unfortunately edit SPLN files (that is MRF files or SPLs found in the NRes folder); this program only works with SPL8 files because the colour operations available affect files' colour palettes, which SPLN files do not have. It is possible to add SPLN support in the future.

    Installation of .NET 4 or above
    Windows (unfortunately *nix implementations of .NET don't support Windows Forms so this software will not work using Mono)

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    Thanks, some friends of mine and I've been playing this game for a while and we were trying to mod it but it looked like no one has done it before

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