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    Hex Garbage Analyzer. The program, oriented to search for text in multiple files

    Of course, I came here just to download CPACK extractor program, however at this moment I already download it from other place, but anyway, day ago I made a program for myself.

    Program used to search for text in many files, so you don't need to open every file to search for something. I hope this can be useful for game translators, who can now easy find where unpacked / unencrypted text is stored.

    Program features:
    • Oriented to search for string in multiple files
    • Can search for specified sequence of bytes
    • Supports relative search (in case if game uses nonstandard encoding)
    • Supports different encodings in search
    • Supports characters separators (in case if in binary code, word characters separated by other characters (H_e_l_l_o))
    • Displays offset from file start till found byte sequence
    • Search is always case sensitive
    • If characters separators count > 0, relative search is not used

    .net Framework 2.0 is required to run this program

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