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    [Extractor] Game Archive UnPacker plugin

    Game Archive UnPacker plugin for Total Commander
    Экстрактор ресурсов из архивов различных игр

    Title: Game Archive UnPacker plugin for Total Commander
    Version: PRO (25/08/2009)
    Author: Alexander Cherenkov
    Type: Resource extractor and converter
    Status: Freeware

    This plugin allows you to view and to extract some specific resources from some kinds of the "game resource archives".

    "Game resource archive" stands for any file of not-so-common format, supplied with your game (usually it can be identified by it`s size; e.g. it`s size usually compose a considerable part of the whole game size) that is actually a kind of archive, that contains game resources (such as textures, music and so on).

    Full list of supported formats is inside readme

    Данный плагин для Total Commander позволяет извлекать из достаточно широкого спектра игровых архивов различные медиа ресурсы. При необходимости, способен конвертировать полученные данные в доступный для использования формат.
    Подробное описание поддерживаемых архивов находится в readme

    Please register or login to download attachments.

    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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