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    [Memory Scanner] Memory Hacking Software

    Memory Hacking Software
    Title: Memory Hacking Software
    Author: L. Spiro
    Type: Memory Scanner and editor
    Status: Freeware
    Official site: home | download


    Memory Hacking Software (MHS) is a utility for searching, viewing, and modifying the RAM of other processes, and for disassembling and debugging other processes.
    MHS sports the fastest and most efficient searches available, an advanced, colorful, and easy-to-use real-time Hex Editor, a Debugger with unique features, a Disassembler, and an extensive scripting language (L. Spiro Script) yielding unlimited potential.
    The array of tools offered in MHS can make hacking any game easy.

    • Data Type Search
    • Many data types, including byte, short, long, __int64, float, double, and more.
    • String Search
    • Pointer Search
    • Group Search
    • Sub Search
    • Script Search
    • Fastest Searches
    • Search Options

    View RAM In Real-Time
    • RAM Watcher
    • Hex Viewer

    • Executable Breakpoints
    • Read/Write/Access Breakpoints
    • Conditional Breakpoints
    • Exports/Imports List
    • Save Breakpoints

    • Decoded Addresses
    • Single-Stepping
    • Assemble Code
    • Automatically NOP entire commands quickly and easily.
    • Highlights
    • Useful Status Bar
    • Inject Code
    • Call Remote Functions
    • Auto Hack
    • Customize
    • Many Features Still Beta, but Plenty to Come!

    Inject Code
    • Specify a code-cave address, or let Memory Hacking Software find or allocate one for you.
    • Memory Hacking Software automatically adds the JMP to the code cave.
    • Adding the JMP to the code cave causes some instructions in the original code to be overwritten, but these are automatically moved to the code cave too, with your choice to put them at the beginning or end.
    • The JMP back to the original code is automatically added for you.
    • Injections can be set to load automatically when a process is opened.

    Inject DLL’s
    • Inject DLL’s of your choice into the target process. All injected DLL’s are listed and can be removed at any time, and can even be set to automatically be removed when Memory Hacking Software closes.
    • Remotely call any function from any injected DLL inside the target process. No restrictions on calling convention (__cdecl or __stdcall), return type, or parameters. Any valid expression is allowed as a parameter, making it easy to write your parameter list.
    • Remotely calling your DLL functions is safe and easy—even if incorrect parameters are passed or the wrong calling convention is used, there is little risk of crashing the target process or Memory Hacking Software.
    • The return value is taken from the target process and shown to you.

    • Memory Hacking Software features a full-sized programming language with full C capabilities. IDE, compiler, and virtual machine are all included so coders are ready to write scripts straight out of the box.
    • Syntax matches C, so there is no need to learn a new language. C/C++ coders are ready to go.
    • New extern variables make it easy to read from/write to the target progress’ RAM.
    • Scripts are compiled into bytecode like Java for extremely fast execution.
    • Includes a full 100% standard-compliant preprocessor, which even supports variadic macros.
    • Includes an extensive and fully documented API.
    • All script features are well documented and many examples are provided.

    • Assign any function to any key.
    • Scripts can be assigned to hotkeys to allow you to perform any operation at the touch of a button.

    Real-Time Expression Evaluator
    • All C/C++ operators recognized, including <<, >>, &, ~, ||, and !, to present a few.
    • Recognizes module names and converts them to their respective base addresses.
    • New [ ] operators read RAM from the target process and use the resulting value in the expression. For example,[([[Project64.exe+0xD6A3C]+0x62988]&0xFFFFFF)+[Project64.exe+0xD6A3C]+0x2D4] is a valid expression while Project64.exe is open.
    • All expressions are evaluated in real-time, so you see the results while the target process’s RAM changes.

    • Converting
    • Many Options
    • Many Unique Features
    • Very Stable

    Download: Alternative link for MHS 6.1
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

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    Re: [Memory Scanner] Memory Hacking Software

    Downloaded and tried to use with Soul Master but it got detected, however when I first ran it, some menu came up...what was that for exactly?

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    Re: [Memory Scanner] Memory Hacking Software

    Was the customization options of MHS. It allows you to change process/exe name to prevent detection .
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    Re: [Memory Scanner] Memory Hacking Software

    yeah i know i redid it, either way it was detected, probably the same way CE gets detected

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