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    Post A better spambot than the others with AutoIt

    Hello there,

    This is my first post and I try to share something "usefully" things.

    I made a spambot with Au3, not like the others with only one text, because this spambot sends 2 texts and you can control the "ms", the time between the 2 textes and you can only send one text.

    You start him, enter your text and the "ms" and then you have 5 seconds until it starts (ofc as admin). you can close it with F3 and that is it.

    Spambot (by Zehrg).rar

    I hope you enjoy,

    HotKeySet( "{F3}", "terminate")
    Func Terminate()
       Exit 0
    MsgBox( 4096, "Hinweis!", "Falls nur ein Text gesendet werden soll, nur eine Box ausfüllen! - '1000ms' entspricht 1 Sekunde.")
    $I1 = InputBox( "Text 1, Spambot by Zehrg", "Bitte Text 1 eingeben")
    $I2 = InputBox( "Text 2, Spambot by Zehrg", "Bitte Text 2 eingeben")
    $ms = InputBox( "ms", "Zeit zwischen dem Senden der beiden Texte. -Nur Zahlen!")
    MsgBox( 4096, "Hinweis!", "Nach Bestätigung 5 Sekunden Zeit bis zum Senden")
    ToolTip( "F3 zum schließen", 0, 0, "By Zehrg", 1, 1)
    while 1
       Send( "{ENTER}")
       Send( "{ENTER}")

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