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    F-Zero X World Record Set

    F-zero x a game we all know and a game we all love. Some of you guys relive your joys by downloading the n64 emulator and playing it on there, I know thats what I did. The popular n64 emulator has a built in hack tab and for f-zero x one of the hack is speed hack.

    So i was bored one day and wanted to see how fast I could complete a certain track "in the video" what I realised was even tho I had speed hack it was rather difficult to complete the full track so what I did was I figured out a way to utilize both the extreme speed and percise hand eye coordination to defy logic.

    I flew. I flew around the whole track without every touching the strip once if you think this is easy I challange you to try so and beat my record of 1 minute and 30 seconds if any of you can do that I would be baffled and shocked the living proof is here.

    F-Zero X Flying Around a track without dieng...Took me an 1:30min to pull off - YouTube

    Good luck to those who will attempt and if you do beat it take a screen shot or a vid in response

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