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    Dragon Nest Enhancement Explanation

    Enhancement is a vital part of the game system within Dragon Nest which allows one to greatly improve the quality of their equipment. Weapons can be enhanced to increase their magical and physical damage stat contribution. Armour can be enhanced to increase its health and mana stat contribution. As enhancement level gets higher, the cost and risk of enhancing grows larger. Higher item levels and item rarities also increase the cost of enhancing. Enhancing items primarily use in-game currency and lustres.

    What Can I Enhance?
    There are a few restrictions on what can and cannot be enhanced.

    Only items obtained from dungeons or the auction house can be enhanced.
    No item obtained from an NPC (Quest or Purchase) can be enhanced.
    Weapons and armor can be enhanced.
    Accessories cannot be enhanced.

    Where Can I Enhance?
    Enhancing is achieved by talking to a blacksmith, choosing the option to trade, then choosing the option to enhance. All blacksmiths are marked on the map by a Blacksmith Icon.

    Borin in Mana Ridge
    Dorin in Ironwood Village
    Korin in Carderock Pass

    Some info about Dorin

    Dorin is the blacksmith in Ironwood Village, selling wares of acceptable quality to adventurers stopping by, as well as repairing, enhancing, or buying items players may have.

    He bought his poochums from Delilah, and seems to be in constant conflict with her about the quality of their labor.

    Dorinhad never truly wanted to have the profession, nor was he ever good at it, but pride in the family legacy and a rivalry with his brother Borin in Mana Ridge kept him from leaving it. Dorin also has a tendency to leave things unfinished, though luckily this never occurs in any of the player’s interactions with him.

    Dorin is repoachful of his poochums, and thinks they do not work good enough. He cares very little for them, as he force-fed them, multiple times, Delilah’s “remedies”, the first of which left them foaming at the mouth. The ultimate fate of the poochums after the second attempt is unknown.

    Dorin is also pompous, “teaching” players how to open bags to receive rewards only as a show of superiority. When an expensive weapon pops up, however, the blacksmith is shown to be quite vain, trying to make a name for himself by remaking the weapon, and in the process teaching the player how to extract. The effect is not as he desired and he ends up making a weapon that the creator’s name, he asks the player to never reveal.

    Item Enhancement

    Dragon Nest – Enhancing weapon

    Risks and Rewards of Enhancement

    Every level of enhancement comes with its own set of risks and rewards. In every case of success, materials will be used in order to achieve the enhancement. In every case of failure, materials will be destroyed, and another effect may be applied to your enhanced item. These effects are as follows:

    All percentages are estimates
    Tier (#) 	Success Chance (%) 	Chance to Decrease Level (%) 	Chance to Break (%) 
    00 -> 01 	100% 	                       0% 	                      0% 
    01 -> 02 	100% 	                       0% 	                      0% 
    02 -> 03 	100% 	                       0% 	                      0% 
    03 -> 04 	80% 	                       0% 	                      0% 
    04 -> 05 	60% 	                       0% 	                      0% 
    05 -> 06 	50% 	                       0% 	                      0% 
    06 -> 07 	45% 	                       0% 	                      25% 
    07 -> 08 	40% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    08 -> 09 	35% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    09 -> 10 	30% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    10 -> 11 	25% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    11 -> 12 	20% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    12 -> 13 	15% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    13 -> 14 	5% 	                       35% 	                      25% 
    14 -> 15 	1% 	                       35% 	                      25%

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    TS kindly update please the download link of playdgn, the link is already dead..

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