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    Cool Enchanting Superstition Trick with High Success

    A lot of you are wondering where these +12's and +13's and +14's are coming from in the auction house. Well me and my guildies tested and tested and finally found a decent way to make them.

    1. Grab like 3-5 Blue noob items preferably the same type of weapon.
    2. Enhance your weapon of choice until you hit a fail.
    3. Stop and close the enhance window. Then Re-open the enhance window and put a noob weapon in.
    4. Continue enhancing the noob weapon until you see it fail twice in a row or break.
    5. Now don't close the window, insert the weapon of choice in and enhance.
    ( more or less we have like an 80% success rate from here on out doing these same steps over and over and hitting +12's or +13's.)
    6. Usually enhance just once or twice. If you think you're feeling lucky go for the third if they all succeeded.
    ( you would be surprised as to how they're going from 5-9 straight hahaha )
    7. If it failed then stop and refer back to step #3. and repeat the process over again. Yea sometimes the item will break. But at least they're breaking a lot less in succession and a LOT higher in the enhance level curve (+8's +10's) But we were the first to hit a +15 orb, well any item really haha, at the lvl 25 cap.

    Put it to good use, my guildies are still abusing this trick and if you see those repeated names of the same items over and over in the AH well that is them. I quit however so I'm letting you guys use the trick now.

    Note - Using jellies help if you're at the 9 or 10's and you want a 11 or 12. Because really we probably broke like 1-4 items before hitting a +13 sometimes we just gave up and settled for 11's or 12's. Its just how it works. We also had reports in the guild where some accounts were just Ridiculously lucky and this trick would work like 95% of the time hitting 12's and 13's without fail. Good luck to you all!

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    sounds interesting .. imma try it

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    i'll try it, it also need many luck, thx for sharing

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