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    Selling: DN EU VIP hacks

    Hi all.

    I've finished a bot/trainer for Dragonnest EU and am looking to sell it at a price of 20$/month. I used to sell a trainer for DN NA a while ago.

    Features the DN EU bot has:

    -Full hackshield bypass
    -Unlimited multiclient
    -Movespeed hack
    -No clip hack
    -Royal chest bot (gain over 20k gold per week)
    -Gamespeed hack
    -Full packet editor
    -Sending/spamming packets
    -Zoom out hack
    -2D monster/char hack
    -No attack movement
    - EXPLOIT: Control other player's movement and attacking (100% server sided)
    -Currently working on auto login

    Please add me on skype/msn at [email protected] for more info or screenshots, or private message me here. The program is hosted on a secure HWID server with little to no downtime. 20$ a month for a program that includes a packet editor and a gold bot is well worth it in my opinion.

    Happy nesting!
    Selling dragonnest EU VIP, inbox me!

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