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    Red face Dragon Nest Autohotkey Anti-Afk Script

    This Autohotkey script loops the L key every 3-5 seconds to prevent getting kicked for being AFK, allowing you to sit in Endless Charge rooms for days

    What is the use of this: Leveling, Goddess Medal Farm, Breaking the game and causing QQs
    Downside: Cannot get it to do this while the program (DragonNest) is minimized, this can be fixed by having a second computer or being savvy in autohotkey i suppose, wasn't an issue for me since I have 2 computers, if you do find a way to get it to work minimized, share.

    #MaxThreads 2
    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
    ;; Attack Spam
    toggle := !toggle
       If (toggle) {
          TrayTip,,AFK On
          WinActivate, DragonNest,
          Send, l
          Sleep, 3500
        Send, l
        Sleep, 3500
       Else {
          TrayTip,,AFK Off
          WinActivate, DragonNest,

    Hotkey to start/break the loop = M

    Note: I leveled 22-31 just afking, and have enough medals to buy the level 32 challanger set two or three times.

    Its not detectable as it does nothing to the game, it simply tells you computer that your keyboard keys are being pressed, DragonNest's antibot thing has not caused me problems and I have been doing this for over a month. There are a handful of people who have already been doing the same thing one way or another, so lets even the playing field

    Note 2: To a point, when you have power and your afking in the arena you get a pretty good chunk of xp, and the way it works is its only 10 power every 2 minutes, having 800, thats about 4-5 hours of power in the arena

    This isn't some miraculous method of cheating the game, but it does help, quite frankly I found using power in dungeons to be useless after level 24 or so, as the gain was not very much even in the SH dungeons, I gained more xp by afking in the arena for a few hours then doing 5 dungeons and spending all the power, doing all the dungeons gave me about 40% of a level after 24, with pwr ofcourse, night in the arena, even after your power is gone was always a level + 20% when I awakened, til about 28, then it gets slow again, but its afking..who cares..level while you do something else lol..

    An auto it bot would be too complicated considering there are already bots that use .dlls and hooks, there is none thats public obviously but the effort to do a bot in autoit would be far too depressing considering the recent influx of farm bots again, I personally won't mess with auto it on a scale like that because of the amount of different scripts that all have to function at certain times, movement, attack, targetting, skills, inventory cleaning, repair..its very much a headache just thinking about it, not to mention with ranged characters using auto attack..

    No virus scan is needed, everything that functions you can see above, its not very much..just the L key

    It won't work in any rooms other then Endless Charge because in the other rooms/private you have to click start, you can add that probably but honestly timing out the rounds so it doesn't click before the round is over wouldn't be worth it unless your really going to afk in a private room with a friend, and if either script messes up it would ruin it.

    Its useful, even if you think dungeons are faster, you cant dungeon when your asleep or gain XP from the arena, plus the goddess medals are a bonus, even if you have one of the other sets and don't need the challanger gear there are other things you can use the medals for.

    The script is very basic, the hardest part was getting the window to target, at first I was just using X Y coords where my window bar was to target it but thanks to some help on the autohotkey forums I was able to add the winactivate, a few people on the forums gave me some methods on trying to get this to work while minimized, but none of them succeeded, if anyone here is good at autohotkey and are able to figure it out please share it with everyone.
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