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Thread: Char Animations

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    Char Animations

    How to search this with cheat engine? I'm not talking about "no animation" but char animation which we can manipulate, example when char standing the value is 56, running 82, dash 225, & so on... maybe someone has correct value for char animations? I just need it for fun.


    *nvm, i found it
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    Hmm...i never try it before on Dragon Nest..
    but i have try it on another games...

    SO first i search it with uninitial value when i stand, change value when i sit, change value when i stand again, unchange value and i still stand..until i get one address thet show what i have doing...i use this to make char always do skill animation (with demage of course)..
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    Hey, this looks cool! I'll try this later, just for fun!

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