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    Learning programming to create bots for online games


    First of all let me introduce myself,

    I'm from southeast asia and has been involved in the botting world since 2002, first time botting was Ragnarok Online Indo with sKore bot written in Perl, and a CDMA connection from a single phone

    it was in my college days, I tried to study Perl once and it didn't come out as I hoped, because I want to edit the sourcecode for the bot (it was open source and posted on, didn't went well and I got lost in my studies after that.

    The main reason for this thread and the main topic is whether it is possible for us non-developers to study programming languages so that if there's a new game available, we can build our own bot for it.

    Of course it's not that simple, my older brother is working as a Software engineer, and I've spoken to some bot devs to know that it doesn't take the same skill level for each and every game, especially when you want to make it a multiclient bot for 1 PC usage.

    Therefore I have a general Idea that it might be challenging to build a bot for a brand new game from scratch if you're a software engineer level, but what about non-IT people like me and whoever's reading this thread and hoping to find a tutorial for creating their own bot from scratch, either because they have to or want to... different situations makes different motivational energy to learn.

    I've once read in a forum for devs and newbie-devs, that it would be very frustrating for someone that is new to coding, to learn it in order to hack a game or create a working bot for it, hell I can't even code a calculator or make that infinite loop in VB class, and at that time I had to study it, once in my college days I was asked to study Java NetBeans to create a program for connecting a hardware to a computer, I had 2 weeks to study and finally gave up, asked someone else to create the prorgram for me and gave him what it's worth.

    truthfully I joined this forum to look for a bot for DN Indo, and found that I had to make a useful enough thread or become eligible as a random new user, since I don't take chances and never won door prizes, I decided to make a post about what has been going on in my head since a few weeks ago, when I started botting on Diablo 3, again with a paid bot.
    That time, it was expensive since I live in a third world country, and an $50 subscription for a bot is like 1/10 of my monthly profit from my coffeeshop.

    I really wish I could create one myself, but out of the numerous bots available, only a few are claimed good by its users, and some even contains malware / spyware and stole people's ID and Password for the game.

    If anyone felt the same and had a general idea on what to do about this, and the few people only trying to leech inforrmation from forums like this, please chime in and give your two cents in my thread, I haven't had the opportunity to publicly discuss this in an open forum, mostly because I am shy, but since this is required, I hope I can be a useful addition to this forum, since this one post might make me more active, although my programming experience can't be useful, since I have none... lol.

    anyway, please leave your replies and be gentle... troll if you like but I wont reply to such posts.... maybe.

    Thanks for reading and to all of you looking for tutorials of making your own bot, I'm really sorry, perhaps this thread could be the start of that, who knows?

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