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    Find Wallhack address with AOB [CE.6.1]

    Array of Byte :
    89 48 08 8b 7d 08 39 7d 04

    89 08 D9 5c 24 74

    1. Open Ce
    2. Attach DragonNest.exe
    3. Open Memory View
    4. Search > Find memory and change type to [Array of]byte
    5. in text box put AOB "89 48 08 8b 7d 08 39 7d 04"
    6. Click "OK"

    now you can find frist address

    7. Search > Find memory and change type to [Array of]byte
    8. in text box put AOB "89 08 D9 5c 24 74"
    9. Click "OK"

    now you can find second address

    NOP it(2 address) in assembly


    Cr: AOB of kokoiv

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    Hey can you tell me how did you get the coordinates please so I can update it myself if ever the client updates.

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