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    RC Location

    Gale Woods/Wind Forest
    Temple Chapel/Church Ruins
    - Boss Room. The Royal Chests spawn point is in the Southeast section of the circular room behind the barrels, boxes and Generator (?).

    Inner Catacombs/Catacombs Hall
    - Requires at least 2 Players:1st Section: At the end of the long hallway the room is closed by the gate. The chest spawns in that room. To open it proceed through the 1st section normally until you open the portal to the 2nd section of the dungeon. Have one person go past the gate which will take them back to the first hallway. Run down the hallway and the gate should be open. Check if the chest is has spawned.
    - You cannot backtrack as when the door to the Lightning Shamans open, the gate behind you closes.

    Snowmelt Forest/Blizzard Plain
    Silent Cloister Main Hall/Silent Monastery Main Hall
    - In the 3rd section of the dungeon where there are 3 large doorways, the 3rd room (the 3rd room if breaking the crystals in order) contains the chest.
    - The chest is in the back left corner of the room from the door.

    Astral Coven Laboratory/Dark Tower Magic Institute
    - 2nd Section. Right before the portal leading to the boss room to the right of it there is a large spider web hanging from the wall. The chest will spawn behind the Spider web.

    Crystal Stream
    Assassin's Den/Raider's Den
    - It's at the end of the first map, in front of the tents on the left after crossing the bridge.

    Marauder's Lair/Raider's Ambush Point

    Valley of Mourning/Sigh Canyon
    - Boss room behind the altar.

    Dead Man's Road/Road of No Return
    - 3rd Section. Right before the boss portal after the bridge. To the top left corner under the tree the chest can spawn.

    Ashen Ruins/Gray Ruins
    Forest Sanctuary/Sanctuary Core
    - In the 3rd area where the Poochums spawn after walking across the bridge. It replaces the chest that's in between the 2 activation crystals.

    Sanctuary Nexus/Forest Sanctuary
    - 2nd Section: During the 4 doors room when all 4 doors open the door in the southeast corner spawns trolls. Behind the boxes and the Seal stone the Royal Chest will spawn. (Not up the stairs).

    Autumn Shore/Lower Ridge
    Dread Forest/Death Forest
    - 2nd Section: Right from the entrance, head all the way to the right. A small section has several chests and spawns spiders and trolls when you get close to them. The Royal Chest spawns there.

    Basin of the Fallen/Death Basin
    - 2nd Section: After the winding path that leads to the Archway. A giant spider web is at the bottom and the chest spawns behind it.

    Temple of Sleepers/Sleeper's Temples
    - 2nd Section. After the 3 crystals, it is literally right in front of the boss portal

    Prayer's Retreat/Prayer's Resting Place
    - 2nd Section: After crossing the bridge there is a Seal Stone that spawns Skeletons when you get close. To the right is a stairs that leads down to a Brown Wooden Chest. The Royal Chest will spawn there.

    Black Mountain Path/Foothills of Black Mountain
    Black Sovereign Domain/Dark Overlord Keep
    - 2nd Area: The chest spawns in the area where the Ogres (The "Stompies") come out of. The top right part from where you entered.

    Blackguard Stronghold/Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army
    - 2nd map. It's in the "pocket" where the shamans are holding the soldiers captive. It's in the left pocket.

    Black Sovereign Assembly/Dark Overlord Training Camp
    3rd Area: Right before the portal to the boss room across the bridge, there is a circular switch surrounded by enemies in front of a gate. The chest is behind the gate.

    Black Sovereign Tower/Dark Overlord Tower
    - Located after the fire golems/mages in the second stage. -too lazy to write down the proper names of the mobs :<

    Rockthorn Gorge/Abandoned Welton Hollow
    - 1st Area: At the beginning in the northwest of the grassfield there is a fallen broken tree formed like an arch. Under it a path leads down into a small cave like area. Chest spawns there. It can be easy to miss. Is No Longer on That cave.. its been move to 2nd map last mobs near to the brown chest or beside brown chest (cemetery)

    Marissa's Dryspring/Dried Marissa Spring

    Silent Reach/Explosion Zone in Withered Leaves Forest
    - Silent Reach spawns in the boss zone, where Wally would be. Before descending left to the boss, look straight ahead and you'll see it. [Senastik]

    Forsaken Village/Ghost Town of Isolated Forest

    Port Hermalte/Hermalte Port
    Black Mine/Dark Mines
    - 3rd Area (2nd inside mine): After chasing the boss over the thin strip of risen land you'll come to a locked door where Orc Commander(s) and Ninjas spawn. Kill them both. There is a small room to the left before you enter the door. The chest spawns inside of there.

    Lost tunnels/Collapsed Mines
    - If you go to bashy, you can actually find the chest too. It's near the boss portal in the last bomb storage spot (or if not there, i know it's in that area. You'd have to be blind to miss it)
    - Hidden Path 3rd Area: This requires you to take the hidden path in the Lost Tunnels. It spawns right before the portal leading to Dark Haze.

    Dying City Crossroads/Road to Death City
    - 3rd Map. Right after descending down the spiral walkway to your left is a small walkway leading to an area with a Silver/Metal Chest. The Royal Chest Spawns there. If you look down while descending the spiral, you can see if it has spawned.

    Dying City Gates/Gates to City of Death
    - 2nd Map. After you enter the mines, the chest spawns behind that large stone column/pillar. Next to a broken door lying on the wall.
    - Boss Room. To your right on a ledge the Royal Chest sits there in plain view.

    Tomb of Spite/Nameless Tyrant Tomb

    River Ruins
    - 2nd Area: After the group of wisps near the broken bridge. Break the Seal stone and go through the door. After killing the gargoyle(s) and the lizardmen, look to the northeast part of the room. Chest spawns there. Warning: Two Spitflowers are next to it.

    Submerged Ruins/Flooded Downstream Ruins
    - 3rd Area: The last section before the boss room where the Ice Mage "runs away". In the section it spawns in the one directly to the left of the pathway leading into the area. (bottom right/southeast according to the ingame map)

    Graves of Unrest/Imp Graveyard
    - 3rd Area. After defeating the two gargoyles, lizards and wisps and going through the collapsed structure, instead of turning right to head to the door turn to your right. Royal Chest spawns right there.

    Ruins of Lost Time

    Desolate Isle/Forsaken Islet
    - At the campsite with the Goblins and Hobgoblins, break the two tents. The chest is hidden inside one of the tents.

    Desolation Point/Forsaken Islet Core
    - Located in the first cave that you see; two canons on each cliff with mobs in the middle.

    Sunken Ship/Sunken Cargo Vessel
    It's in one of the wrong chest rooms, usually the one nearest the back entrance once entering the chest room. :3

    Pirate Hideout/Captain Darlant's Base
    - Boss Room. Between the broken stairs and the chests. Basically right behind where Dalant spawns. Right in plan view. Impossible to miss it.

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