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    Path of Inquisitor for upcoming 50 cap SEA

    Hello! I'm new here so please bear with me.

    I would like to share my outlook for Inquisitor path, also my ratings and build.

    Inquisitor is:
    - a battle priest.
    - one of the hardest path to take in Dragon nest.
    - one of the most expensive path.
    - the most unique and coolest path.


    Inquisitor is a battle priest because it focuses more on pwning an enemy than supporting his allies. With his control over
    lightning, he can send them flying in the air and paralyze them down to uselessness!

    It is the hardest part to take because of its complicated build, added with discrimination of uselessness in
    Sea dragon nest. Also, only few in Dnest SEA take the path of Inquisitor because Priests focuses on joining SDN. (Lol,
    who need SDN when you have Totem Set at 50 cap)

    This is also (i think) the most expensive path! Inquisitor needs Light Atk, Crit, MATK and even FD. But we'll discuss that
    later on. Just imagine how much does lvl50 heraldries with 3rd stat CRIT/FD/MATK.

    However, regardless of drawbacks, inquisitor is the most unique and coolest path. Few have decided to take this one for some 'survival' reason in game. They think Inquisitor is just another garbage path. Since its uniqueness is high, items like
    skill heraldries is cheap. This is also the coolest path because of the skill with awesome graphical effects.

    Now, let's move on.


    according to Malygris of DNSEA

    What can I do to to increase my damage?

    Battle priests need every bit of everything can can help heighten their damage. My basic suggestions:
    1. Acquire Rare or Epic weapons (wand and shield) and overupgrade them (+8 would be the sweet spot). It would be nice if they have Magic Attack or Light potentials.
    2. The rest of your equipment (armor) should have Int potential.
    3. Get highest level Epic Wise and Magician’s Heraldries.
    4. Your accessories should include those that add Intelligence, Magic Attack and/or Light attack.

    Why Light Atk and MATK?

    Light attack gives additional damage for light-based skills. Also, when you have light attack, you don't depend on luck.
    example, you have 16% LATK.
    The 16% damage of your skill is added to your max damage. Imagine the 100% chance of getting 116% Light damage.

    MATK(Magic Attack) boost your magic skills. Inquisitors is tend to be magic user. (while Pala is PATK)
    Boosting your MATK will contribute huge damage upon your enemies.

    What about FD and CRIT?

    Critical and Final damage are for advanced ones. Boosting your critical and FD is very nice but way too expensive. If
    you still can't afford 3rd stat FD/CRIT hera. Stay on MATK and pot your weapon to LATK, MATK.

    I prefer stats according to its value

    I personally prefer to increase light attack first, then magic attack, then crit, then final damage. Why? Because in my opinion, it’s the most affordable and effective to do.

    Just use your LATK and MATK to grind more and upgrade to CRIT/FD/LATK.

    Raising priest's CRIT?

    Honestly, raising priest's crit is way too difficult. If you have like 4.5k-7k Crit, you should happy about that.
    If you have less than 4.5k crit. Try adding agility pot in rings, wear fatal rings, and also, some wind suffix.

    For your weapons (wand and shield), i recommend Agi (for additional crits), Int and Light Attack. But if you manage to get Magic Attack, Agi and Int (and if you are lucky, Crit!) then that should suffice. For your armor, Agi, Int, Max HP for maximal offense, having Vit potential is also nice for survival.

    What heraldries should I use?
    Magician’s, Wise and Fatal I think are essential. As for your skills, get heraldries that grant additional damage to Lightning Bolt, Charge Bolt and Chain Lightning. The last slot could belong to Holy Burst, Detonate, or Grand Cross.

    I'd also like to share you the skill build I prefer:

    Inquisitor 0/0/0 - Skill Calculator - Dragon Nest Armory

    Goodluck on your path!

    Credits: Malygris of DNSEA for equipments and heraldries

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