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    DN Sea Grinding exp Without ABP(Wonderful Themepark)

    Wonderful Theme Park

    Hessian Goblin Stage - 300 Goblin Warriors is limited to Lv31 and below only... for Lv32+ players... you get to kill 500 of them...! Be sure to do this as early level as possible... because the exp gained per kill will be decreased as you reach higher levels... (7 times limit per week / reset)
    Orc Gim's Strike- Orc Gim... Orc Kim... Orc Kreda... Landslide Krag... whatever it is called... this instance gives out good exp which is almost similar to Hessian Goblin Stage... but only the Boss will reward you with the exp... (7 times limit per week / reset)

    Note: You can choose to play these instances with empty ABP as it will still give you the bonus ABP exp...!

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