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Thread: Comp X PVP tips

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    Comp X PVP tips

    I. Introduction
    Not like other games, Dragon nest have 3 mode of pvp. the first were compensation on (Comp O), Ladder and the other were Compensation X (Comp X).
    While Ladder become pinnacle of QQ in generals oppinion, The comp x were consider to be for "Uber Rich or Casher" player only. which no skill player use Uber item to defeat opponent.

    however thats not entirely true.....

    II. O VS X
    In O, player character were pre determined. with each class have equal number of status, Dmg, HP, resist and so on. The only thing that make the diffrence were Skills level - aka your skill build
    The X on the other hand is Your character the way it is, the true stats. how u do on regular dungeon is how your character will do in X.

    While O, truly balance everyone like Sovyet does to his citizen. it DOESNT BALANCE the class advantage over another. thus the Softban were Born.
    But that doesnt stop Few Class to be Underpowered and few class is still to Strong

    However the diffrence it does, were what make ur character do excelent or become fodder on X matches. What makes the diffrence so great, and its not just Uber Dmg and Armor that makes that. few point tend to be overlook. people think its useless, but its actualy NOT

    People tend to go with their usual PVE build to deal with PVP. while it fare preaty well in O depending on Pilots. in X an extra effort must be paid.
    since X consider ur actual status, U can have FREEDOM to counter, build the character to be more spezialized, unique, and deadly

    Paperclass can be thick too, and Support class like Priest can pack heavy damage which even make Elemental lord jelly

    The Character build is what makes the X games
    Secret no 1 : The Crit Ressist
    Ask Everyone that was veteran on X, and they most likely consider this stats Priority. Its the stats that Neglected with most of population yet the Most Important Status that allow u to survive on X matches.

    This stats is extremly Cheap to boost.

    Crit resist increase the chance to Ridiculusly decrese the Critical damage to oblivion. a Critical resist (shown with White Critical word in game) decrese the damage that should hit u to just 33%.
    And since nature of Critical to Bypass Defense, the Devastation inflicted by succesfull critical Hit can criple or depleted ur HP to Half.

    Resisted Crit Damage = 1.25 * 0.35 * (%Amp * M.att + Add. Dmg)

    The Chance is Pararel to Crit Chance, so 9790 Crit rate will grant u 89% Critical. and the same value on crit resist grant u same chance. But while Agi only grant little Crit, it grant more Crit resist per Agi. so it more easy to get than Critical

    a Capped Crit resist will protect ur life more than u think off. This is the first step u should take

    Secret no 2 : Attack Boost
    There is 2 way of get boosted attack. first were Raw damage, and the second were Amplification type.
    The one u should prioritize were Amplification, granted by Elemental damage or FD. or both. while the FD is Freakishly expexpensive, its not mandatory to get full FD.

    in lv 40 CAP, 850 FD is 100% damage amplication. while obtaining those number is difficult. the majority can do well with Standard FD requiretment which is 657 (56% Amplification) which Cheap Enuff to get, and majority player should have no problem gettin that ammount - which preaty cheap on market. only Ultimate plate expensive.

    In SEA I belive the market price for Component is fairly cheap. which 1 Nest part eq have price tag only 150 gold

    In case its still expensive, Elemental stacking can also grant those power. and its fairly cheap with combination of Briliant accsesory and Good potential on it

    Secret no 3 : Other Status Stacking
    This problably only few have will and guts to carry on. Stacking status like PARALYZE or Stun will do Nothing on regular PVE. and contradictory with others may say - everyclass can be build this way. Though not all will be as effective as others.

    Further more building this was realy cheap, since very few want it. but the effectivenes when u complete the build were great. it give huge advantage over regular opponent.
    Allowing perma lock, which make pain in the ass to the opponent u hit

    But u must know that what the build do.

    First of ALL, in order the PARALYZE to work, it need to BREAK enemy Superarmor. depend on Enemy para resist and ur Paralyze value, u can disable the opponent for 2-5 second each HIT

    While Stun is not that popular, since it makes enemy go into downed status (Which make it harder to hit/comboed) it have another forte.
    STUN WILL ALWAYS OVERRIDE CRITICAL, 100% stun will equal to 0 % critical. Unless ur build not emphazize on DPS. this build can be good. and few Gladiator in DN JP use it with great result

    Secret no 4 : Suffix selection
    While many People QQ about Knight or Restraint. Keep in mind that u can make those too if u want. even if u dont want. there is few trick to counter.
    While it seems unfair on 1 vs 1, in Group match the presence is detter rushing, hit and run gameplay usualy used by Acros or Warriors. The sollution were simple enuff, since ur not alone let ur Allied back your offensive. it can only affect 1 person at a time. if u dont play Rambo it will not so scary

    Back to the build, while public realy like stacking same suffix over and over. like stacking wind, intelect or HP. it make the build less flexible.
    The suffix like Fire grant 40% dmg reduction from fire bassed attack, that alone realy interesting if u have trouble fighting mages or Alchemist.
    The usefullness for other suffix like WILL also often, neglected. infact it can be realy save u from big trouble. since it grant huge superarmor. u can just walk away from enemy Ulti. like Mercenery Tornado or Fiery Vortex

    I understand that maybe this was realy diffrent from maybe other guides u read. but keep in mind that everyone have diffrent playstyle, u dont need to follow by the book. The good thing about X that u can build ur character as u like,
    u can minimize the weakness of your character with varius build. or further advantage it with spezialized build. Stackin Huge magic resist to make Anti mage style and so on

    Secret no 5 : X style Gameplay
    Knowing the X gameplay is the key. It REALY Diffrent than O. even the demographic were realy diffrent (O were populated by warrior and Alchemist. Clerics and Enginer is fairly rare - X were populated by EL, the rare one were usualy swordman)
    in O, typical gameplay is Rush rush, which is understandable since took fairly long time to kill 1 enemy since the damage is low enuff so u can tank it without fear, can simply waltz through pack of enemies without fear die easily. and the absent of suffix make hit and run tactic is effective.

    In X, Those kinda thing make u DIE.
    X gameplay typicaly fear to get hit. Knowing good time to rush is essential, waiting rather than come to enemy is sometimes a good move.
    Since 1 skill can depleted ur HP by so much, and sometimes only 1 Succesefull combo needed to Kill enemy, the Fight in X is decisive and FAST. 1 wrong move u problably wont survive the next 4 second.

    Even +13 equipment wont save u, consider the standardly good player (+9-10 with adaquate FD or attack) can chip much of the HP easily and the equaly good eq maybe can kill u outright.

    A Balance Teamfight on comp X is usualy more intense than in O. notably since X player is kinda like familiar faces which often veteran, while on O new faces come and Go. some can just get first taste of pvp. which make good and intense PVP match is hard to find outside usual GvG

    In the End, how well u do in X is not determined by Equipment and some Shiny +14 equipment alone.
    More often PVP, more likely become Good regardless X or O

    while O measure ur Piloting skills and SKill build only.
    X measure how well u stratigize ur character, building and piloting the character that u carefully shaped to fit ur playstyle. Even if u dont have Superreflex u can make up with Good build to counter ur weakness.

    Hope u enjoy it Gents

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