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    DN SEA Critical Build Tutorial

    Greetings to all,

    I've heard a lot of questions asking if going a pure breed stat build will be better than the critical build (whether int/crit or str/agi/crit) and I’ve done some math for you guys and here’s the result.

    All calculations are based of this stat table

    I do not admit that these calculations have flaws, especially for the critical build side as I’ve assumed that all your potentials are ideal for you to hit you’re crit cap. However, I also did not include the fact that you can hit crit cap then focus on other primary stats like int/str depending on which kind of sm you’re siding towards.

    I’ll leave most of the math on my blog as it’s really lengthy but here’s what I used a basis for my results

    Every build uses the latest lvl 32 cap accessories (i.e fatal violet ring, magician violet ring, destruction violet ring, and other necklace or earrings there’s screenshots provided no worries)

    Every build uses the same set of armor which is lvl 32 Allegro Set just to see how much STAT BOOST epic 32 crafted armor gives as comparsion.

    Every build get’s the “same” set of potentials that is ideal for their build. Obviously the INT/Crit build gets 2 sets of potentials both 3.5% Int and 4.5% AGI on their armors because we know for a fact that crit builds are more expensive to craft. Pure STR and INT builds however only get their respective 4.5%STR and 3.5%INT as potentials.

    As I’m comparing between STR/INT/INTCRIT, str build will have patk 5.8%, int build matk 5.8%, and int crit build 5.8%matk.

    Here are the results below and it’s clear who’s the winner.

    Potential DMG Output of Critical INT Build
    PATK 1567
    MATK 1412

    Potential of Pure Str Build

    Potential of Pure Int Build

    Sadly, even focusing on INT that much on a int/crit build, my potential patk is higher than my matk

    This abovementioned point made me a sad panda, especially for moonlords to be, it shows that even getting 4.5%AGI And 3.5INT for all your armors/necklace/earrings can’t get you a matk higher than your patk

    I even gave 3.5%INT to all 11 possibilities(5armors,2weapons 4 accessories) and only 4.5%AGI to necklace/earrings/5armors.

    The reason for not giving agi to all 11 possibilities is because, if your weapons and rings INT 3.5% potentials it must be a potential that has only 1 stat, because if you get 5liners u only get 2.75%STAT potential instead which I didn’t take into account since the chance to get that is extremely low. for eg matk/int/crit weapons/rings, but if you get matk/int/agi/crit, the int and agi only enjoy 2.75%AGI and 1.75%INT benefit.

    Please give me some time to translate the calculation into my blog, but I can say that my calculations are pretty accurate and in terms of balance, it’s pretty good.

    Ultimately, even though crit build is better, the thing is, I assumed that you hit 6K Critical, but the thing is to achieve that with the gears i just mentioned for INT Crit build, you will need good heraldrys with 3rd stat critical as well as critical potential 17% on at least 2 Equipment. I believe this to be possible because I’m at 7K Critical and I could easily lose 1K crit to boost my damage which I will not do so since i’m preparing for lvl 40 CAP (10k Critical)

    Lastly, the critical build damage output is based on the fact that you experience ZERO resist on the mobs, the 95% chance is taken into account so I didn’t just double the patk/matk that I calculated

    TL;DR ?

    Crit builds is definitely better, but it’s expensive.

    Pure Builds are definitely Cheaper, and it’s damage output isn’t as bad as people thought.

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