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    How to obtain Average Onyx.NA vers

    I'm Yezhik, and I'm here to show a different way of obtaining Average Onyxes.
    I wrote this guide for a guild I was in. Hopefully these can help you

    NPC friendship is pretty nifty.

    Down To Business.
    While you are running your frag party group, you will notice that every silver bunny drops a Feathered trinket, Sponge Cake, or sometimes another gift as well.
    Ever so often, every 5-7 runs, one of your party members will leave, or you guys just decide to head to town to repair/clear out inventory.
    Use this time to go and gift your.... gifts

    Silver Bunny on VoM/ACL drops Feathered Trinket
    Silver Bunny on Assassins' Den drops Sponge cake

    This Feathered Trinket can be gifted to Rupert, or Kevin.
    Rupert belongs to the Golden Goose faction, while it's also useful to have a lot of points for them, we are more interested in Medium Octagonal Water.
    Kevin Belongs to the Freelance Adventurer's League Faction, so gift him.

    The Sponge Cake can be gifted to Irine, Hubert, and May
    Irene is part of the Royal Court.
    May is part of the Golden Goose traders
    Hubert, however, is part of the Free Adventurers League(Keep in mind to befriend him you need kevin's fondness 10+, so it will be better to run some VoM/ACL before doing Assassins' Den runs(if you're aiming for the waters)

    Go to Honest Ed, in Saint's Haven to redeem your points

    - 3 Crude Onyx + 1 Medium Octagonal Water = 1 Average Onyx
    - 1 Medium Octagonal Water = 51 FAL (Free Adventurer's League) points
    - Feathered Trinket provides about 40 FAL points per gift.
    - Sponge Cake provides about 30-40 FAL points per gift
    - It takes you 4 runs to get 3 Medium Octagonal Waters.
    - It takes 12 runs(and 12 crude onyxes) to get 3 Average Onyx(3 is used to unlock Blue plates, just in case you were wondering why I did an odd number)
    - I personally did level 32 Abyss dungeons and they do not drop Average Onyxes at a high rate. Not to mention it's difficult, and time consuming to solo them, and with a buddy(unless you spike him bad loot, by knowing when it's your turn to receive the loot) Half the time you won't get the Average Onyx.
    - The more people participating in this, the faster runs go.(You always get a gift at the end of the Dungeon)
    - Each Average Onyx costs about 60-70 gold on the marketplace.

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