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    Dragon Nest Crusader PVE/SDN Build Explanation

    Here is an explanation of Dragon Nest Crusader PVE/SDN Build with points distribution example

    Key Points:
    • Max Smite, most damaging skill in crusader path.
    • Max Provoke, prerequisite to draw aggro in SDN.
    • Max Elemental Aura, for SDN.
    • Max Conviction Aura, for PVE and boost your light element attacks.
    • Max Heals.

    The remaining 10 SP is added to Divine Avator (Duo ultimate build).

    Equipments Suffix Build (SDN):
    • Helm - Intelligent
    • Shirt - Life
    • Pants - Intelligent
    • Glove - Life
    • Shoes - Intelligent
    • Main Weapon - Destructive (going to change to Wind)
    • Sub-Weapon - Intelligent

    Additional note:
    Some people will ask crusader should be an Intelligent build or Critical build.
    My answer will be critical build, but bear in mind that critical build will be very expensive. Rich people can actually just buy 3 stats plates with criticals.
    For Intelligent build, you actually can't pump up their magical attacks much. It's good to select "Wind" as your choice of armor suffix as it increase your agility and critical rates. (Planning to erase my Int to Agi set and get ~10k critical).
    Crusader is an elemental attacker also, recommend to get 8% lights attack rather than 5.8% phy/mag attacks, as it boost your damage output so much.

    Ideal (Planned) Critical Build on Suffix:
    • Helm - Wind
    • Shirt - Wind
    • Pants - Wind
    • Glove - Life
    • Shoe - Wind
    • Main Weapon - Wind
    • Sub Weapon - Intelligent

    Choices of Accessories (Suggestion):
    Bishop Accessories (灾殃) - 3 pieces set with lights attacks to pump you elemental attacks (will give additional ~15% lights attack).
    Another 50A - Either Wind, Intelligent or Health up to your choice.

    Destructive, Magical Attack, Magical Defend, Intelligent, Strength, Criticals, Health & Agility.

    Skill Plates:
    • Holy Cross - increase damage
    • Divine Avatar - decrease CD
    • Judgement Hammer - decrease CD
    • Judge's Power - increase duration

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    any skill build for archer?

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