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    Gold makeing - Royal Chest!

    Hello everybody!

    now im be short!

    Thats way workin on Dragon nest Sea(i tryed and i doing it yet) , i dont tryed any other server.

    -Go to Dried Marrisa Spring(ABYSS) And just run to the place where Royal Chest spawning.
    -If u dont find it u run again.
    -Take off your clothes and weapons cuz when u exit from dungeon they re downgradeing.
    -Usually royal chests spawning rate is like 4%-10%.
    Thats it!

    (1:14 at the left side next to the house)
    Here is a link: Dragon Nest SEA Dried Marrisa Spring Abyss Farming Run - YouTube

    Another same type of Royal chest farming (What i dont tryed yet!)

    Step 1: Go to Foothills of black mountain
    Step 2: Go to Abandoned Welton Hallow on abyss difficulty
    Step 3: Walk along the left side of the map till u hit a cave
    Step 4: Check the cave weather there is a royal chest
    Step 5: If the chest is not there exit and enter again, if the chest is there loot and profit


    -Remove all equipments cause you will be exiting dungeon which causes durability loss
    -Alternative way of appearing at entrance is to suicide at the mob pack and press f12 to end the dungeon by returning back to stage entrance
    -Set graphics to lowest and off every program running & play in window mode to allow it to load faster

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    Edit:I tryed the second way, working also very well( abandoned welton hollow is a faster way to get royal chest )

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