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    Dragon Nest Hidden Potential Revealing

    In Dragon Nest, we are introduced to a system which uncovers the hidden potential of your equipment. You might be more familiar with another system called ‘Enchanting’, this is essentially what the Hidden Potential system is about.

    To get started, all you need to do is obtain one of the following ‘Codes’ from your daily dungeon runs.

    Notice how there are three different types of ‘Codes’. Diamond Code covers Accessories, Crystal Code enables Weapons (including offhand weapon) and finally Onyx Code unlocks all other Armor slots.

    To start your potential unlocking, simply right click on any of the codes, which will then lead you to the following window:

    Then hit apply and you’re done! Below are examples of some of the awesome hidden stats you may uncover:

    Notice even though accessories cannot be Enhanced, they may be uncovered.

    Now sometimes you won’t get the right stat on your item. This may make you very upset because who would want +physical damage and +strength on your magic damage equipment?! Thankfully, there is a solution called a Reset Cube. With this item, you can reset any of the previous uncovered hidden potential items and try again for the correct stats.

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