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    Dragon Nest Empowerment System basics

    How the new empowerment system works

    As we have already heard, Nexon has decided to remove the fatigue system and replace it with an empowerment system for the English Dragon Nest.

    There are 2 empowerment bars, Daily and Weekly.

    When you play Dragon Nest, each instance will cost you certain amount of empowerment points. First the points is taken out of your Daily bar, once the Daily bar is empty, your Weekly bar will start to deplete. If both your Daily and Weekly empowerment bars are gone, you will no longer get the so called ‘Bonus experience’ from clearing instances. From the experience of other CBT players, it seems the non-bonus amount is about 25% of the experience comparing to when you do have the bonus.

    It seems to take anywhere between 2-4 hours to empty the Daily bar.

    At the beginning of each day the Daily bar resets and we assume the beginning of the week will refill the Weekly bar.

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