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    Post Skill jades For Destroyer !!

    i think this is best Skill jades for Detroyer !!

    their mainly to do is to full support w/ tanking abilities. So Every gear of my destroyer has a Lv 70 High Grade LifeVit Jade at least.

    Note: All of with (*) asterisk are optional.

    From Headgear to Secondary Weapon: (hexagonal/ pentagonal prism shape)
    - All High Grade Vit (805)
    *buy with 3rd stat 70 Int (for magic defense);*Or buy with 3rd stat attack (72-72)
    -*All High Grade Bear w/ LifeVit if Possible
    -*All High Grabe Mana w/ Vit
    -*All High Grade Intellect w/ Vit

    For Weapons: (Oval Shape)
    -*x2 High Grade Destruction w/ LifeVit if Possible
    -*(Secondary) If your elemental w/ LifeVit also

    For Accessories:
    using battle howl & havoc howl skill rings
    -x2 High Grade Destruction
    *Buy w/ 3rd Stat Vit if Possible

    Necklace & Earrings (using Healthy) (hexagonal/ pentagonal prism shape)
    - All High Grade Vit (805)
    *buy with 3rd stat 70Int (for magic defense);*Or buy with 3rd stat attack (72-72)

    For Skill Jades: (Triangle Shape)
    (These are obtainable in Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest or simply "AON" 6 man)

    We all know mercenaries have low magical defense so mainly I put peace skill jades.

    Peace- To increase magical defense by 20% for 5s every trigger 30s.
    Resistance- All Defense both Magic/ Physical increase by 10% for 5s every trigger 30s.

    - x5 Peace Skill Dragon Jade or;
    - x4 Peace Skill Dragon Jade and x1 Resistance Skill Dragon Jade or;
    - x5 Resistance Skill Dragon Jade.

    -x2 Raider Skill Dragon Jade -7 Physical Defense Opponent

    If your Pary is elemental and your elemental
    -*Starlight Skill Jades -5% Light Resistance
    -*Ghost Town Skill Jades for -5% Dark Resistance

    That's All for Destroyer; and for Barbarian for me is vice versa
    Destroyer Defensive while Barbarian is Offense.

    Do you think that?

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