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    Post May the force be with you! Ace's Light Sabre Gladiator Build (PVE)!

    Good day everybody! If you're here then you most likely want to learn about playing Gladiators in Dragon Nest! If so, congrats! Few other classes get to enjoy the fluidity and dynamic game play of Gladiators!

    This guide about Gladiators aims to gear swordsmasters into a PVE (not PVP, there are other guides for that) worthy class. Within this post you'll find my recommended skill build, items, and general tips on game play. It's important to realise that this is ultimately a guide (not an iron clad rule book :P), and just one of many out there on the internet at that, so there will always be aspects you may find controversial. Nonetheless i will attempt to present my own rationalizations and reasons each step of the way (so please read all the way through for reasonings). Enjoy!

    Let’s get some quick points down for review. As a DPS and DMG buffer class you have two main stats for damage, STR (strength) and AGI (agility):

    For a Warrior:
    1 STR = 0.5 PATK.
    1 STR = 3 Paralyze Chance.
    1 STR = 3 Paralyze Resist.
    1 STR = 2.5 Stun Chance

    1 AGI = 0.25 PATK.
    1 AGI = 3.5 Critical Chance.
    1 AGI = 10.5 Critical Resist.


    Lvl. 50 17000 CRIT = 89% (max) CRIT Chance
    Lvl. 60 33000 CRIT = 89% (max) CRIT Chance

    Keep this in mind when choosing which stat to stack when building your character! But more on this later~

    Skill Build (Lvl. 60)

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