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    Programs Triais

    Well, Who never wanted to do a show trial? Dakeles that soh work ateh a certain time and then have to purchase an upgrade?
    (Jah soh think of hacks, this would give you to boot nun hack, and type make a version of it that lasted only one month) ...

    1 ° To do this you need a very component, TimeStop (download at the end of the topic)

    2 ° To install it simple eh, go, Component> Install Component, a window will appear as in the picture:

    Click Browse, and browse to the folder where u extracted the TimeStop, and select the Unit it, and click Ok

    Ready, Time Stop installed ...

    4 ° To use it va tab Ivan, probably the last, and place the form in TimerStop ...

    5 ° Click on it and go in the Object Inspector:

    - Day: Day that will expire
    - Month: Month that will exhale
    - ShowExpireMe: Show message expiration
    - Text: Text of message expiration
    - Year: Year of expiration

    6 ° Set to the day of its expiration, and compile and eesta ready ... When xegar the day when the User is using the program, it will not open, will only show the message configured vc:
    sorry just got this image in Portuguese

    7 ° Agr run it ... But there goes the error in the TimeStop uses ... ..
    The error will not say that the axo TimeStop.dcu, How do I fix this? Simple, go to Tools> Environment Toolls and va tab Libary ...

    8 ° will appear something like this window:

    Click on 1st [... ], And select the folder where the file TimeStop (where u extracted it), and click OK, click OK again, and Agr run and get out there TimeStopiando =]


    excuse the English was by google translator

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