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    Drawing Rects/Lines/Text

    First Add the Skeleton of the function like so, void drawlineorrect
    (LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice,int tx,int ty,int tw,int th,D3DCOLOR COLORZ)

    now add the base rect
    RECT.x1 = tx-tw;//width one way
    RECT.y1 = ty-th;//high one way
    RECT.x2 = tx+tw;//width the other way
    RECT.y2 = tx+th;//high the other way

    now clear it

    Result :
    void drawlineorrect(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice,int tx,int ty,int tw,int th,D3DCOLOR COLORZ)
    RECTONE.x1 = tx-tw;
    RECTONE.y1 = ty-th;
    RECTONE.x2 = tx+tw;
    RECTONE.y2 = ty+th;

    line would be the same except the width = 1 (if you want it to be vertical line)
    or the height = 1 if you want it horizontal
    void drawtext(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice,int tx,int ty,D3DCOLOR COLORZ,font,char textstring[])
    TEXTREC.x1 = x;
    TEXTREC.y1 = y;
    TEXTREC.x2 = x+999;
    TEXTREC.y2 = y+400;
    font->DrawText(NULL,textstring,-1,&TEXTREC,DT_LEFT | DT_WORDBREAK,COLORZ)


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