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    Direct3D StarterKit v3.0b

    If your new to using DirectX it would be recommend you start off with the StarterKit.
    What this "kit" helps with is to create an interface between a programming using D3D, and the
    actual D3D interface.

    • Microsoft Visual C++ (6.0 or greater)
    • DirectX9 SDK Update summer 2003 (2004 version recommended)
    • DirectX9b or DirectX9c

    Starting Out:
    It is best to figure out what version of direct3D the target application is running, please note that
    this starter kit is only compatible with (D3D8 and D3D9) with DirectX9.0b or 9.0c installed.

    You must next compile your project (most compilers its ctrl+f5), if you have any compile
    errors please check you have the DirectX9 SDK installed properly onto your computer.

    Next you should compile the loader, please open up the Injector directory and start the project file.
    Where it says #define APP_EXE "target_application.exe" change program.exe to the executable name of the target application.

    Copy TatniumInjector.exe (from the Release directory) to the location of your newly created dll.
    Before you try running TatniumInjector.exe, make sure you change TatniumInjector.exe to the name of the dll you just created.
    eg. Example.exe and Example.dll 'or' Fluffy.exe and Fluffy.dll

    Making the hook a wrapper:
    There are many reasons why you would want a wrapper instead of a hook, the main one is that you do not need
    an injector. So here are some simple instructions to turn your D3Dx hook into a wrapper.
    1. Backup anything you need backed up (which is a really good idea)
    2. Copy contents from Wrapper\D3DX into your projects folder, overwrite when it asks you do (make sure project is closed)
    3. Reopen your project, add the file D3DX.def to your project
    4. Recompile, you will get a warning warning LNK4070: /OUT:d3dx.dll directive in .EXP differs from output filename you can ignore that, all it says is make sure you rename your dll to d3dx.dll when you are done.
    5. Put that dll into the same directory into the executable of the target application

    Created by: Matthew L (Azorbix)

    Please note certain anti-cheat have detected starter kit.

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