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    [C++] D3D Device Pointer Finder

    A function to find d3d8/d3d9 device pointer
    DWORD_PTR * FindDevice(VOID)
    DWORD Base = (DWORD)LoadLibraryW(L"d3d8.dll");

    for(DWORD i = 0; i < 0x128000; i++ )
    if ( (*(BYTE *)(Base+i+0x00))==0xC7
    && (*(BYTE *)(Base+i+0x01))==0x06
    && (*(BYTE *)(Base+i+0x06))==0x89
    && (*(BYTE *)(Base+i+0x07))==0x86
    && (*(BYTE *)(Base+i+0x0C))==0x89
    && (*(BYTE *)(Base+i+0x0D))==0x86 )
    return (DWORD_PTR *)(Base + i + 2);
    return NULL;

    How To Use
    DWORD_PTR * VtablePtr = FindDevice();

    if (VtablePtr = NULL )
    MessageBoxW(L"Device Not Found !",0,0,0);
    ExitProcess(0); //or it will crash anyway

    DWORD_PTR * VTable ;
    *(DWORD_PTR *)&VTable = *(DWORD_PTR *)VtablePtr;

    //and then
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