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    Creating a background for Counter-Strike

    What is a background?

    Background is like the image of your desktop CS.
    When you enter enters the CS, has that background image. That is the background.

    Creating a background:

    To be able to put your image, we need CAKE program, to download click here


    One. Extract the files to a location you like. *

    2nd. Open the application "Cake" *

    3rd. After having opened the program, click "Load image" *

    4th. Now, find your picture, if you have questions I'll show how to get to the desktop:

    5th. Select - and click "open"

    6th. The image will appear in the program there, now click "Save to directory .."

    7th. Select the following folder:

    Eight. Select "save".

    Okay, open your CS and see his picture.

    NOTE: If you do not like your image and want to continue with the original CS, download the original background
    Click Here

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    congratulations...well explained and functional
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