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    Global Offensive OSH

    Hello Community

    I want to present the new OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.0.1 (Released:18.11.2012)


    -Enemy only

    -Enemy only


    -different Aimkeys
    -selectable bones

    1. Run OSHFusionUnique.exe and choose OSHFusion.exe
    This will randomize your copy of OSHFusion

    2. Delete OSHFusionUnique.exe now! You don't need it anymore

    3. Run OSHFusion.exe (will have a random name now)

    4. Choose the game you want to hack

    5. Inject the hack or choose the autoinject option. Autoinject should be prefered
    if you start the game in fullscreen mode

    Q: How do I open the menu?
    A: Press Insert.

    Q: Why can't I move the gui mouse?
    A: Most games lock the mouse while playing. Just open a menu and it will work.

    Credits: KN4CK3R
    Have Fun, Best regards Mikel !
    100% Secure

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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