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    How to lower CS:S/CS:GO Ping/Lag

    Now, this thread only regards to people who have high lag/ping, so if you don't have those then you do not need to look here.

    Now, I have been playing CS:S and CS:GO for a bit now and find that my Ping/Lag is over the top, so I have found a few solutions that work for me.

    1. Closing everything else besides the game you are playing (You probably already know this)

    2. Minimizing the game and un-minimizing seems to work.

    3. Get rid of any junk on your computer so you can free up memory.

    4. Try not to run servers on that Computer

    5. If you normally have a slow internet connection, try and get a faster one.

    6. Turning graphics down will help.

    Hope this helps.

    My first thread on this great forum.

    Thanks for reading Guys

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    To reduce ping, try to boost up your connection quality:
    - use cable instead of wireless, if possible;
    - close ĀµTorrent, browsers, messenger and anything that can use up your connection;
    - try to play while you're the only one using your internet connection;

    To reduce lag, you have to discover its cause.
    Lag can be caused by bad connection, by low-end graphic hardware, processor, and others.

    If your lag is connection related, read above.

    If your problem is with your graphics card. Download the latest driver for your card. If it's not enough, try lowering the settings from your actual configuration gradually towards the minimum, testing.
    If that don't work, try to get a cheap not-so-recent replacement for your graphic card that can handle your game like a GeForce GT 545 or a Radeon HD 5670, but won't overload your power source (or is it power supply? not sure). They can run the game, but I'd advise you to get one that is at least a little better, since the difference in cost is usually small for weaker cards. You can always go to a store and get help with that, specially if you don't understand much about hardware and can't install yourself. I strongly advise you to crate a thread in here in the forum or in a hardware specific forum before doing anything like this, or ask a friend that knows a little bit more. If you do know enough about that, better!

    The problem can be a weak processor, in this case closing every other application and useless processes may work. In some cases, increasing the game's priority can give you a small (but noticeable) boost.

    Busy HD can cause problems, try not to play while your Anti Virus software is scanning or you are doing any kind of search, copy, etc. Defragmentating your HD may help a bit overall. Must say that the chance of your HD being overloaded and causing lag is really small.

    Formating your machine can always give you a good performance increase, depending on the state of your system.

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    You can use Vpn. It helps lessen connection lag.

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    I think here is any programs to low ping or change quality in cs
    Just like FPS Boost

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