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    All About CS 1.6

    Hi guys,

    Today i wanna to share my tips and trick about CS 1.6 by wannabe,

    Counter Strike ( CS) is a videogame FPS shooting modified from the half life viode by Minh Gooseman Le and Jess Cliffe .This game evolve become a series of new game since launched,there are many kinds of CS (Counter strike : Condition zero, Counter strike : source and etc)Counter strike show the CT fight T in a series of round.

    Other than killing , there is more kind of winning ways.
    -Bomb defusal (De_inferno , De_dust2...)
    In this round,T must plant bomb and T win if the bomb explode, but if defused by a CT ,so the T team is lose.
    -Assasination (As_Tundra, AS_olrig...)
    In this round,one of CT team become the vip of CT, and CT must cover him until he reach the safe place.if the vip die, so CT also lose.
    -Hostage Rescue( cs_assault, cs_militia...)
    In this round,CT must rescue all of the hostage in the round, but if all ct die before rescue the hostage, then T is the winner.
    -Fight Yard(fy_rush, fy_unseen...)
    In this round, the two other team just fight till one of the team win.

    Okay,now all we know the ways to win.

    Now i share the usually weapon that people use, and it's really useful.
    First is Pistol :







    That's all about the good weapon at cs1.6,

    This is some cheats that you must download to use it.
    -No Recoil
    -Barrel Hacks
    -AntiFlash,Anti smoke
    -Grenade Dogder
    if you request maybe i can help you upload some cheats.

    Counter Strike 1.6 V23 download Section =

    -Full Download [Link]

    Non Steam (v23b - Protocol 47) To Steam (v36 - Protocol 48)


    How to change it into steam v36 - protocol 48?


    Question & Answer Section : *i will add your post as my Q & A add*

    Q = How to add bot ?
    A = you can add bot by type in console "bot_quota ??" "bot_add_ct / "bot_add_t"

    Q = How to add server?
    A = you can type "connect *server address* or just add server at favorite place

    Q = When i zoom my awp, my sensitivy is verrryyy slow ?
    A = you can type zoom_sensivity_ratio default is 1.2 i think.
    plus if you want faster,minus if you want slower

    Q = How to quick change weapon?
    A = you can use "Q" or type hud_fastswitch 1 then press 1/2/3/4/5

    Q = Why my chat place is always #Cstrike_Chat_All
    A = just upgrade it into v23 protocol 47 or v36 protocol 48

    Q = um, i download a demo of WCG players but how to play it?
    A = at console type playdemo *name of demo*

    Q = What the key of CS1.6?
    A = idk, but just try AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAAA
    i think it's worked fine.

    Q = Why my window 7 didn't support CS?
    A = maybe you can run it as administrator or change compaltibly into window sp3

    Q = How to make our own spray CS?
    A = download hl tag converter then make a picture or something into jpg
    then open hl tag converter , open the jpg and adjust image, auto size, apply changes and convert to 256 colors.Save Tag and press the Export to WAD file then save to cstrike folders but delete the tempdecal.wad old.
    rename the jpg into tempdecal and right click properties, read-only,ok.
    restart CS and try to spray good luck

    Q = Why my CS didn't found the OPENGL.DLL ?
    A = you can download it at google ( careful fake DLL) Place file at Drive C://Windows/System32/

    End of Question & Answer Section.

    Change The Bot Profile Nick =


    Play Hard Go Pro

    That's all i know about CS1.6 hope it can help you


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