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    Exclamation Editing Skins - VTF Edit - CSS - Counter Strike Source.


    VTF Edit is a viewer and editor textures. Vtf which are used in CSS, it is possible to redo textures and customize to your liking.

    What is needed?

    - VTF Edit >
    - Photoshop
    - Creativity

    Installing and configuring:

    Download the VTF Edit, install and open it.

    1. To edit a skin, scroll up the menu FILE> OPEN or simply take a CTRL + O

    Go to the directory where are the textures of skins:
    C: \ Program Files \ Counter strike source \ cstrike \ materials \ models \

    In that folder are all the textures of weapons, players, gloves and so on.
    Choose a desired texture and open it.

    The skins of weapons and hand are in:
    cstrike \ materials \ models \ weapons \ v_models

    OBS.: There are two texture files with the same name, you should use a texture that is NOT 1kb.

    v_models - models that are displayed in first person.
    w_models - models that are lying on the floor

    2. The texture you choose will be loaded in this panel and now we export it to a format that Photoshop can open. Export format. TGA and save, open the texture in Adobe Photoshop and edit it to your liking.

    In the example I'm going by a picture on the sleeve and save in .TGA

    3. Let's now in the VTF Edit, press CTRL + I to import the texture you've worked in Photoshop.

    4. Now you will save in the extension .VTF for Counter-Strike Source to read the texture (save with the same name of the texture that you opened and within the same folder).

    Done that open the game and see your skin turning edited.

    Credits : CS Online - Counter-Strike 1.6, Source, Condition Zero - O site de Counter-Strike mais completo do Brasil!

    GMX9 Translated by in Google Translator,Sorry for the terrible English!
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